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**** Active projects from Fly by Yuri ****
Hakamada Mera - The Last Uniform (completed!!)
Asagi Ryuu -------- Age 15 (15-Sai) vols. 2-3 (remaining chs. 7-20, extras)
Hakamada Mera - Wakemo Naku Kanashiku Naruno (chs. 1-8)

**** Planned projects from Fly by Yuri ****
Hakamada Mera - Higashi Totsuka of Eden (2 volumes)

July 2013
Romance Girls File ch01: Love Flower Double by Morishima Akiko released Jul 31 '13 Comedy Ecchi Glasses Romance Yuri
June 2013
Her World ch04: Final chapter by Hakamada Mera released Jun 30 '13 Aaaaaangst Kuudere NSFW School life Yuri
Secret of the Princess ch01: Mirror of the Princess by Morinaga Milk released Jun 1 '13 404: Men Not Found Blackmail Comedy Romance School life Tomboy Yuri
May 2013
Her World ch03 by Hakamada Mera released May 18 '13 Aaaaaangst Kuudere Masturbation NSFW School life Yuri
April 2013
Her World ch02 by Hakamada Mera released Apr 24 '13 Aaaaaangst Blackmail Kuudere NSFW Rape School life Yuri
Her World ch01 by Hakamada Mera released Apr 13 '13 Aaaaaangst Blackmail Kuudere School life Yuri