juanelric Mar 4, 2018 10:45PM

I was missing this couple in the site, so I requested this image to be uploaded. :D
I submitted some more along with it but only this one has been approved as of yet. lol

last edited at Mar 4, 2018 10:45PM

TY_TK Mar 5, 2018 1:41AM

Thanks, though. I really love this ship, and it's definitely underrated.

Hauteclere Mar 5, 2018 2:59AM

The fact that this is the only art of this pair on the site is a crime.

juanelric Mar 5, 2018 8:13AM

@TY_TK You're welcome. I also love the couple and also think it's underrated.
@Hauteclere agreed. We need more MomoRiko from Kuroko no Basket too, it also has only one picture. And AkiIchi from Kira Kira PreCure à la Mode. I got only one picture of each of these couples uploaded.

Darks0ulreaper Mar 5, 2018 3:10PM

hi hello my name is reapy soul but this site won't let me change my username so it's this

but more importantly
I really fucking like this and there should be more of it

A5PECT Mar 6, 2018 9:04PM

@Darks0ulreaper Either start a forum thread or hop on the Dynasty IRC channel or Discord server and ask one of the moderators (Nezchan or drpepperfan) to have your Dynasty username changed.

I had mine changed awhile ago; all I needed to do was ask.

last edited at Mar 6, 2018 9:27PM

juanelric Mar 8, 2018 1:33PM

@Hauteclere By the way, I counted, and the site uploads 20 images (which make a full page of images) every 4 days, and only 2-3 of those at best are ones suggested by me. Today is the next day, and I decided not to suggest new images in order to see if the ones I requested before will get approved. Let's see.

YayaSamuko Mar 12, 2018 4:15PM

I miss this couple so much. I can't wait for the second season.

juanelric Mar 12, 2018 7:59PM

^Same. Also, I wish another female teacher was introduced so I had someone to pair Katori with that isn't a student. There's a male teacher with a crush on her (I haven't read the manga but I found out through the wiki), but I want to pair her with another girl.

souleater Mar 13, 2018 2:59AM

ii need a story with jux them 2gether

taetaetr Mar 13, 2018 5:46PM


koneko May 19, 2018 1:17PM

it's dead!

juanelric May 19, 2018 1:25PM

Damn you Kokoro. :'(

YayaSamuko Oct 19, 2018 4:38PM

Season two made the anime a bait-and-switch-ish anime with their introduction of shojouesque romance-ish side story. At least, we got Kotori introduced and I am liking her. I hope a tag for Futaba x Kotori will be born someday

juanelric May 19, 2019 1:36PM

Why is the doujin tag Amanchu!! with two exclamations?