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joined Sep 16, 2014

First time I'm first.

Gotta say Uni on top is quite rare, this artist has the right idea, more like this in the next C90 would be welcome.

That face Vert makes on page 7 is 10/10

joined Sep 12, 2015

Awesome! Always wanted to see a yuri doujin with Vert and the younger sisters :D

joined Jul 22, 2014

Love it, actually I more prefer Nepgear on top, just to see Uni's cute expression. Too bad Neptune did not punish Vert like a dog for taking Gear as she did say Nepgear is MY sister.

joined Apr 28, 2016

lmao that nep face on page.20

joined May 27, 2015

Lost it at "I'll gain another weird Affinity!"

joined Jul 6, 2016

Good to see some VertXNepgear, its my Nep OTP!

joined Apr 9, 2015

Neptune knows her priority xD

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