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I hope the two maiden will soon meet each other.

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Oh shiet, chapter 3's about a Shoujo Sect pair, from chapter 5

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And the three girls in the taxi in chapter 1 are from chapter 9 of Shoujo Sect.
Does anyone know if the people in chapter 2 show up in Shoujo Sect as well?

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Mostly one shot characters, like the scissor sisters, the bullied girl , Kirin, you know,one of Shinobus lovers and I think the first chick too but dont remember what her deal was.

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omfg, chapter 2, I just recognised them. It's the girl with short hair from Shoujo Sect's first chapter, then the Komai sisters and the dog girl.
I don't remember the ones from chapter 1 cus I haven't read Shoujo Sect in while, only reread the first volume, but I see a chapter tagged "twins", so those must be the twins from the limo chapter
I guess the author's just reusing the characters, making references and stuff, but idk, seeing the drunk girl and the Komai sisters kinda... makes me feel uncomfortable. She basically confesses how she forced herself on everyone in chapter 2
Maybe this entire series could be tagged as drunk, as it involves that girl being drunk and getting laid i guess

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Poor Isuzu, no one care about her.

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Poor glasses girl got robbed lol

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