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Hey guys, RedSavant here. I can't say as I've been a longtime reader -- pretty much the first series I've read from Dynasty is 'Wife&Wife', which I just read now -- but I'm seriously impressed by the translator for the series. I'm a (strictly amateur) translator myself, and I can tell good work when I see it!

On a more serious note, are you planning to continue the series? I noticed there hasn't been an update for a long time, and it'd be a real pity if such a little gem of a series went under.

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joined Oct 8, 2010

yes, there is going to be a continuation. it takes a bit of time to edit, translate, qc and all that. so slower releases. we have other projects as well and can't always find the time to edit.

Dynasty Scans
joined Oct 8, 2010

Thanks a lot! It's always nice to hear that people appreciate the effort that goes into something. I'm a big fan of Wife and Wife myself, so I always try to give it my very best when I'm translating it.

As kyra said, don't worry, Wife and Wife isn't going anywhere. Chapter 3 is currently in editing, so it's in progress. As long as a series is yuri or a favorite of a particular staff member (both being true in this case), it usually won't be dropped.

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