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No more het series, pls!

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No more het series, pls!

You've had your warning.

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Chapter 4, page one, that guy near the bottom, what the hell's wrong with his mouth? XDXDXD he looks like Vader! (Kinda-sorta)

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Chapter 7, page two, bottom left,
Well, we know what type of girl THAT guy likes, xD

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sigh now that I've finished this, I'm kinda sad to see it go...

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I don't want to be like that Frenda person who apparently got banned, but I kind of am wondering why this is on the site too (please don't ban me). I know it's not ONLY a yuri reader, but it's primarily a yuri reader, so why is this on the site? I understand in the case of stuff like... that thing the author of a yuri anthology made (14-san no Koi, was it?) Is there yuri subtext or something like that thing that the author of Kodomo no Jikan made (and KnJ itself, for that matter, from what I've heard) or is it because Mitsuru also wrote yuri... Concerto sure was a great story. Of course, it's pretty much up to the uploaders (or mods? whoever uploads everything) to decide what goes up on the site and I don't want to be an asshole or anything, but I'm kind of a bit curious what the thought process is when it comes to uploading stuff on this site.

Edit: Oh yeah, it is 14-san no Koi. I have such a great memory when it comes to completely trivial things. Well, anyhow, the author also wrote Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep! One of my first yuri stories and definitely one of my favorites! I hope Fuuka comes back to writing yuri at some point... (seems like that's said a lot around these parts).

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What the fuck is up with this het bullshit? Are there really not enough websites on the interenet that include hetshit that you must include it here on dynasty? Absolutely disgusting

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