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I've been searching for this for a long time! now I found ettt! lol It's been so long I thought the series is already complete but it's still stuck at chapter 3? Oh well, at least the couple is happy together in the end. Maybe chapter 4 and 5 are for different couples

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That chick has the shoulders of a god. She looks like Brock Lesner for christ sake XD

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The title of the third chapter is wrong, it's "L'amour c'est. tout" not "L'amour Cést. Tout"

The point already makes the sentence weird, if you put the "c'est" wrong, it's doesn't mean anything anymore x)

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Why a cliffhanger

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just feels so meh. the cliche "mannish kouhai who tops the feminine senpai" always feels like the author thought about writing het but decided to do half-assed yuri instead.

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