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joined Aug 22, 2013

i wished this isnt one-shot...

joined Mar 6, 2014

Well ain't that cute

joined Dec 14, 2014

Go get her, girl!

joined Dec 30, 2014

A ride together into the future. An oldie but a goodie Last 10 Millimeters.

joined Aug 27, 2013

A load of sweet cuteness.

joined Feb 9, 2016

i wished this isnt one-shot...

Me too...

joined Feb 9, 2016

How could they just randomly lean on people to nap? I cant even do that with my best friend because im overly conscious of my sexuality xD And i'm not even interested in her like that, so getting close to someone i like is even harder.

Best Mangaka Rohan
joined Dec 13, 2016

That's cute

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