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joined Oct 15, 2016

While I fully enjoyed the extra chapter, once it started talking about seamen, I could clearly see who the target audience for this was. Just whyyyyyy?! I could've been still satisfied without the whole pregnant comment =.=

I took it as two teenagers not quite understanding sex more than them wanting to actually get pregnant. I mean, people say pretty stupid stuff during sex.

joined Sep 21, 2015

I would have been nice if, for the sake of our sanity, they would have mistranslated the sex scene in the bath and put more sexy lines instead of the tampon, semen, and pregnant ones, because all the hate this series had was mostly because of that extra [I wish it never happened xD]... this series left me with a trauma I always come back here to depress myself.

last edited at Dec 27, 2016 6:26AM

Yeah, that would have been an incredibly stupid thing to do.

joined Apr 25, 2017

Eh. I didnt mind the semen thing. Fuck it, its not lie it actually was semen. But i fucking love the last chapter. Wish every love triangle ended that way. It´s the same as two and two.

joined Nov 8, 2017

This was... Weird. But good. xD

joined Jun 28, 2018

"Frankly, I want to fuck her. Just jam it in..."

I fuckin DIED

joined Mar 10, 2018

Aw, it was removed? Shame

joined Feb 13, 2013

Just came back and its gone that so sad hope I can get it from the scanlator

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