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Love the art in this one. Patchouli is always a blast to read about too. I like this artist's other works pretty well but this series is probably my favourite; will be looking forward to part 3.

I used to be an adventurer like you, but then i took a danmaku to the knees.

Best line in a dojin ever.

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I hope the voile library gets around translating the third part some time, it's been my favourite Touhou series since 2012.

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Just to let you people know, part 3 is available to read on danbroou.

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Oh my god this was beautiful. I got progressively more and more excited until I reached the end. Thanks @bah for notifying it's been all translated on danbooru.

Despite being all in pencil and slightly rough in places, the art's gorgeous. Most of the characters ended up looking pretty sexy at some point or another. Everything manages to tie together which is nice. Contains most epic spellcard battle ever drawn. Remilia has the best entrance. Flandre shows up randomly. Sakuya is hot. (That teasing flirting with Koakuma though.) Patchouli comes through as the snarky, deadpan, cold magician she is as well as the awkward, cute bookworm. I will never forgive the author for that terribly fitting pun turned plot point.

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