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Man I want to read more of this.

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It's not the doujin what disturbs me... it's reading it on HERE //Dynasty//... because sometimes when I'm bored and I run out of the cute fluffy yuri that it's translated (damn it how I wish I knew japanese) I read whatever yuri avaiable. So sometimes it comes down to some hardcore stuff in hentai websites, but that's usual in that sort of sites so I don't feel them out of place. But I come here to feel relaxed and enjoy my cute & fluffy vanillas full of love yuri mangas and I get DIS SHET (sorry if you liked it) and it feels disturbing just because it's here xD. Anyway this is just my personal impression so please don't mind it, I'm not complaining I just wanted to comment because I read what the author wrote, I'm not "pure" and "innocent" but I would certainly write "I don't want to read this" or "I can't go beyong page 11" in THIS forum because that's how I feel while reading this sort of "fetishism" things in THIS SITE xD.

Well then, I'd like to know of those sites, cause I haven't find many mom x daughter despite I have looked for it for long.

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There won't be a sequel for a loooooong time if ever so here's the sequel for the plot: Usagi wants to genuinely marry ikuko, but ikuko doesn't wants to. Usagi gets depressed but Ikuko cheers her on by putting on wedding dress and pretending to marry...and then they fuck

There would have been a final chapter with a 3some between usagi, chibiusa and ikuko

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This wasn't just creepy, but also like, legit bad. The art and the scripts fails to sell any attraction.

Read 1 x ½ by Taiyaki, you nerds. It's much better in every way.

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I think Ragyo and Ikuko would get along just fine.

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So like.. Is this ever gonna get continued or nah

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