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Yatosaki Haru does have a bit of same-face syndrome. But older Aoi looks literally exactly the same as Yuu's sister, even down to their chest size (recall that the dialogue explicitly calls attention to Yuu's chest size). And while we learn that Yuu's sister is named "Kaho," we never learn what her mother's first name is. Finally, on a thematic level, Yuu deals with very similar insecurities and self-worth issues that Aoi does, but unlike Aoi she never takes it out on her beautiful best friend/crush. In other words, Yuu is basically Aoi post-character development.

This all could be coincidence, but combined with Yatosaki saying that Aoi appears in Ami-chan's Diary, Aoi being Yuu's mother seems the most likely explanation.

That's an interesting theory and all but that's all it is, a theory. There's no confirmation in the text, so the fact is Aoi does not appear in Ami-chan's diary, and no amount of theorizing changes that.

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The scanslating comments are top notch and made my day :’D
I always love credit pages like that ❤️

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