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joined Jul 22, 2021

I'm starting to worry about Negom (some of you might know her from her Ganyu x Keqing and Hugtto PreCure doujin), she apparently keep getting attack on Twitter, anyone's know why she deserved it?, It's truly saddening to see an artist suffered like this especially a yuri artist.

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Don't keep tabs on Twitter drama, but I'd say this is common practice, I dunno the extent of Genshin's community, but I know that is pretty big right now and that's a recipe for disaster, when you have such large community you'll have to thread lightly because as ludicrous as it sounds the homophobia out there is pretty big and the bigger the community the easier it is to spot people like that, some people just can't stand any type of gay pairings and that's the reason why she's being attacked, I'd imagine. It is sad, but it's the cold, hard truth, guess the only thing we can do is support the artist (encouraging her) or reporting any homophobia on sight, that's an actual feature at our disposal.

OrangePekoe Admin
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Friendly reminder that artist harassment is against the rules. Of course she didn’t do anything to deserve it. Like a month ago, some people were making fun of her English in quote threads, because they’re small and only feel good about themselves when putting others down, I guess.

If you like her work, go support her there! Or anywhere. That’s the best any of us can do.

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