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This thread will serve as a general overview of how the site is meant to operate. Any user reports, questions about the contents of this thread or any other topic relevant to the site may be directed to the Help thread. The previous Forum Rules thread maybe be found here.

Should you wish to report an incident or inquire for further information, any user is welcome to broach those topics in the Help thread. Should you wish for a more private setting, you may reach out via email or on Discord. I am always available for dm at Orange Pekoe#0863, or you may highlight me in any channel within the Dynasty Discord Server. Alice Cheshire is also available to discuss forum moderation on Discord, at Alice#3526, or you may highlight her in any channel within the Dynasty Discord Server. (If you do not receive a reply from one of us within 24 hours, you may contact the other.)

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Forum Rules

  1. First, and above all, remember that everyone is here to have fun and enjoy yuri together. Being overly aggressive, insulting, or generally a jerk is against the rules. This includes:

    -Hate speech, racism, sexism, etc. By the same token, do not refer to trans people and/or crossdressers as "traps."

    -Wishing harm upon artists, scanlators, other users, or basically any other living person.

    -Backseat moderating, i.e. "You're gonna get banned when the mods come," "How have you not been banned yet?" "Is such a short ban really acceptable?" etc. You may report any concerning posts in the Help thread and they will be reviewed by the mod team.

  2. Spammers will be shot. Kitchen reno spammers will be shot twice.

  3. We encourage the promotion of yuri works or projects by members of the community and do not consider such promotion to be spam. To advertise your work, please use a relevant thread, post in the Dynasty Cafe, or create a new thread for yourself.

  4. Insulting scanlators is unacceptable, and will result in your comment and possibly you being removed from the forum. They work hard to bring us the yuri we love, and they don’t need abuse for it. Do not ask, plead, or beg for more or quicker releases. It may be acceptable to seek an update on a series that appears to be sitting dormant, but always do so respectfully. Anyone found to be violating this rule may be subject to permanent removal from the site.

  5. Do not link to Mangakalot, Mangahere, or any other illegal, profit-driven online reader. Links will be removed once spotted by staff. Frequent attempts to link to these sources will result in a ban. Links to publishers site's, scanlator's sites, MangaDex and e-hentai are perfectly acceptable.

  6. There is NO rule 6.

  7. No linking to unauthorized scans of material on Lezhin, such as Pulse or What Does the Fox Say. Lezhin are very protective of their copyright, and we'd rather avoid landing the reader in hot water. Generally speaking, links to online-hosted Korean material (manhwa) should be avoided.

  8. No avatars with live-action porn or inflammatory language. Staff may ask you to change your avatar if it is deemed offensive. Failure to do so may result in account removal.

  9. Off-topic posting and conversation should generally be kept to a minimum. Thread derailment or re-purposing is unacceptable in all cases. Threads attached to specific manga are meant primarily for discussion related to that manga. Users are encouraged to visit the Dynasty Cafe, where you will be able to talk about any subject you like. Mods reserve the right to delete, without notice, spillover content from other threads and other chronic off-topic content.

  10. Tags are meant to inform users so that they may interact with works that appeal to them, and avoid those which do not. If your comment on a given work could be summed up as a comment on the tag itself, please avoid making the comment. Repeat offenders may be disciplined as necessary. This rule also applies to pairing tags. Do not engage in "shipping wars" in doujin threads or image comments.

  11. Homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are grounds for immediate removal from the site. These sentiments are acceptable under precisely zero circumstances.

  12. Harassment is never acceptable, on these forums or anywhere else. Any user found to be harassing artists we host on this site will be permanently removed without discretion.

In all cases, Staff reserve the right to interpret the rules as they see fit. We strive for fairness and appropriate case-by-case judgement.

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Forum Post Formatting - Basic Markdown Tutorial by Thiron

Old Markdown Thread.

This post is made to help Dynasty Forum users understand how they can format their messages.
The formatting is based on Markdown language, though there are some small differences - for example, you cannot insert HTML code blocks, but can mark spoilers.
The syntax is relatively simple. You can just quote this post to see how it's made.

This is a header. It starts with #

This is a 4th level header. It starts with ####

There are some horizontal lines here...just write *** at start of line to make it.

This is a code block. It starts with 4 spaces

This is code span. We usually use it for tags. It's surrounded with `.
Take notice that ` and ' are different symbols, you need the one that's on the left of 1 key on standard keyboard.

  • This is a list
  • You need to start each line with * and a space

  1. This list is numbered.
  2. Start each line with number period space
  3. Number order doesn't actually matter, shown list will be same

This is a quote. Start it with > and space

This is a nested quote

Just add more > for extra levels

Quotes may also be divided

By adding - between them

This is a spoiler. It is surrounded with == . Mouseover to see the text inside. Please actually use it when talking about some important plot points.

This text is in italic. It is surrounded with either * or _ This text is in bold. It is surrounded with double symbols, either ** or __.

This is a hyperlink. You need to surround link text in [], and link target in ().
Also, if you insert raw http address (starts with either http or www) or e-mail, it will become a hyperlink

Image is similar, but you need to start with ! And text doesn't really matter.

Don't forget to add some spaces or lines to separate elements - and to remove them for correct formatting. If you mess up, you can get stuff like this:
** this block won't become bold because of extra spaces ** But this one will

Please tell me if I forgot something, I'll add it.
Don't forget to Preview your post to be sure.
Repeating what I've already said, just click on quote to see how this post was made.

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Site Userscripts

If you'd like your userscript added to the OP, just make a post about it in the Help thread.

Old userscript thread, made by Alice Cheshire.

All userscripts require Tampermonkey to use, both for Chrome and Firefox.

Dynasty Thingifier (Author: Alice Cheshire)

Adds a lot of general options for the forums.

Dynasty Gallery Viewer (Author: cyricc)

This is a userscript that allows you to browse images on this site much more easily using a modal image viewer with next/previous buttons, similar to Instagram et al.

Dynasty Mark Read (Author: cyricc)

This is a userscript that greys out chapters marked as Read when viewing chapter lists.

Dynasty Title Rethingifier (Author: Alice Cheshire)
This user script simply changes up how titles are ordered.

With script:
Without script:

Dynasty Tagifier (Author: gwennie-chan)
Last updated: September 17, 2020


Forum Tagger

Forum Tagger scans forum posts and image comments looking for Tag objects, checks if the tags are valid, and, if so, turns them into clickable links to each tag's page. (If you have the script installed, this Yuri tag should be linked.)
(For the nerds, it does this dynamically pulling and parsing Dynasty's JSON and then scanning all <code> elements.)

Tag Suggestions Switcher (TSS)

TSS puts a controller bar on the tag suggestions status page (link requires account) so users can select the type of tag suggestions (Approved, Rejected, or Pending) the page displays, whether a single type, a mixture, or all of them.

Forum Stats Number Shortener (FSNS)

FSNS converts the stats numbers on the Forum navigation pages for views and posts to automatically shorten, round anything over 1000 and insert the appropriate abbreviation ("K" or "M") after the shortened number.

Dynasty Tag Hider (Author: cyricc)

Allows you to hide tags that you choose, preventing them from being displayed on all chapter listings. Some tags can be rather spoilery in nature so this helps with avoiding that. Currently only tags that appear on the Tags page can be hidden (i.e. not doujins or pairings). This functionality may be added in the future.

This is not a tag blacklister. It only hides tags from being shown in the tag list of a chapter or series.

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In the future, this thread may be bumped with updates to any of the posts above. When such an update occurs, a new post will be made to alert all members to the changes. Thank you for reading!

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To allow users to use the Markdown Tutorial in an intuitive manner, this thread is being unlocked. Feel free to post here for that purpose. This thread will be routinely cleaned in the future. Please take questions to the Help thread, thank you.

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Due to recent events, rule 12 has been added and may be reviewed below. Thank you.

Harassment is never acceptable, on these forums or anywhere else. Any user found to be harassing artists we host on this site will be permanently removed without discretion.

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