ForumBoundary Between Youkai and Oni discussion

joined Oct 19, 2018

This doujin pleases my "Badass Meiling" needs. I've read the rest of it, man this is awesome.

joined Jun 4, 2015

It is great, a bit older from the booru but always love a kick ass meiling

joined Jul 16, 2013

Yo, that cliffhanger

joined Jul 3, 2018

Any work that treats Meiling seriously is a winner in my book. Also, Yukari's past design on page 32 fits her quite well.

joined Jun 27, 2014

In case anyone's looking for the second part to this, it can be read here:

joined Feb 17, 2013

^Thanks for that link :) I really wanted to read the rest, and it was great.

joined Oct 29, 2019

I guess that makes sense. Other than Vampires, the other yokai doesn't seem to be anything too famous other than nine tails (Yakumo Ran).

Neat, there's a second part.

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