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Miho x everyone

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Wow the relaxing moment turned into sex in an instant, also Nishizumi's faces were scary in the latter part xD

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At the very least they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Those faces were a bit outlandish lol
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Pretty cute in the beginning but quickly escalated into so much sex xD Pretty good.

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wooow... that was really fast and pretty fast too xD

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Wait, I've never seen this pairing? Very cute, though. ...Well, until it gets to the lewd.

Also, I don't really like how they're apparently close enough to fuck but not enough to have discarded all pretense of formality between them; it'd have been better if Anzu, in her moments of vulnerability, simply called her "Miho".

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A good rare pairing! And cute. I never know this pairing exists, either...interesting.
Also, that Miho x Everyone, yes, approved!

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Miho can be paired with many huh? Yukari, Maho, Erika, Arisu, Anzu and even Azusa (yes, there's a pixiv tag for MihoxAzusa a.k.a 主将&次期主将)

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Yes, one more girl that Miho leave her mark.
Now last target should be Darjeeling, Mako, Hana.

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