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It is just entirely too little too late at this point. To be hyperbolic, like negotiating Hitler down from 6 Million to 5 and getting the Nobel peace price ready.

You're aware that it's only been a few months since Shiho left the band and the most recent chapter, right?

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That is quite false, (or else you just haven't been paying attention). As has been mentioned several times before, Dynasty reader feihong has written two longish posts laying out the detailed case against how the character of Shiho has been handled in this story from the point of view of character development and the narrative relation of that character to other characters.

You keep talking as if the first 15 chapters of the series had a higher narrative and literary quality than the rest of the series, when simply the first Arc of the manga was more aligned with your personal tastes.

And Shiho is more complex than the rest of the characters combined.

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Indeed. “Good things happen to shitty people for no good reason” is the ultimate in realism.

And honestly, we should be grateful for that. Living in a meritocracy sounds great on paper, but life needs its share of injustice and randomness.

Where did you read that Shiho actually feels bad for Yori? I did not get that, her line that there is not really a reason to hate her anymore makes me assume the opposite, actually. What specific details are you basing that on? I'm curious.

Her apologetic look on page 16.

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erm... yes, of course? If someone who wronged you says to you "i guess i am sorry" in a sarcastic tone and spits afterwards, do you really accept that as a sincere apology?

Shiho's apology was self-serving. The conversation only happened because Hina spent her favor on it (given that the favor could have been used to gain ressources or time, Hina essentially had to "pay" Shiho to even talk to Yoru), it happened not because she felt bad for causing Yoru grief, but because she had "no reason to hate her anymore" - i. e. got what she wanted - and it had an ulterior motive, she wanted to keep Hina as a manager.

The apology was totally in character, which in my opinion is the most important thing. And she does feel bad about the way she mistreated Yori all this time for selfish reasons...

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Some people really went from complaining about Shiho not apologizing (even going as far as to claim that she wouldn't do it) to complaining about the way she apologized.

I guess “Shiho gets what she wants without doing anything to deserve it” is a kind of character development.

Except not everything works that way. Especially not love.

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I understan why comparing it to one piece doesnt work but both yuru yuri and sasakoi are published on the same magazine and both are in broad terms parts of the same genre, heck even if we remove yuru yuri from the equation maid dragon sold over 2 millions copies at some point of it´s (still ongoing) run.

Yuru Yuri has 20 volumes (and 6 of its spin-off), three anime seasons and several Ovas (plus a fourth season and two movies to be premiered next year). It's the magazine's One Piece.

Whispering has 8 volumes and an anime yet to air.

It's definitely not a fair comparison.

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At least I feel like the parts are a little more balanced now. Shiho has been slowly gaining popularity here.

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It’s a particularly puerile piece of contemporary jargon that people who criticize something one approves of as being “haters,” thereby positioning oneself on the side of ‘love” and “acceptance,” although such a flattering self-conception is rather undercut by gloating at an entirely imaginary projection of haters in “shambles.”

Come on, you've been complaining about her for three years straight at this point. You should wear that title with pride.
And yes, there have been many readers here who have expressed how much they hate her. I remember that person who writes those long analyses saying that the best outcome would be for Shiho to fall into a trap and die.

Yeah, if it's for one volume it's not bad. Still, Yuru Yuri is getting around 100K or more for one volume :/

The three best-selling series of the magazine right now are Villainess, Asumi and Whispering.

I’m open to vigorous discussion.

Check the last 50 pages or so. The main topic almost exclusively has been Shiho and her impact on the story.

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Shiho and Yori will finally be able to talk and clear up all the misunderstandings. I was really looking forward to this moment, and honestly, I would have preferred it without Hime present, but I guess it would have been impossible, given their personalities. Shiho will surely apologize (well, in her own way), so that people will stop complaining about that.

PS: Shiho haters in shambles right now. She's not going anywhere.

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Chapter 64: Great, great chapter. I especially want to emphasize how much I liked the way the author handled Youko's assault through Mai and Nene's actions.

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I scrolled through some of the most recent chapters after just having finished the anime and man…I’m surprised so much focus is STILL being placed on Kanoko. The shift from the main couple to her craziness for the entire second half of the series (save for the last episode) was what really killed the anime both for myself and, judging from comments on CR, for most viewers as well. I thought the author would’ve gotten some input by now and shifted gears, but either she really likes Kanoko as a character or she’s getting some obscure feedback, because it just felt like a doubling down on Kanoko for the rest of the manga as well? I have no idea what Sumika sees in her, and am still hoping they won’t actually end up together. But either way, likely won’t stick around to find out.

I'm confused. Did you at least read Volumes 5, 6, 7 and 8? Because that's Hime and Yano's Arc.

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Chapter 63: Beautiful chapter. Even though I don't like Kanoko, I have to admit that these last few chapters have made me sympathize a lot more with her and her issues. I'm not entirely sure how to interpret the last page, but it seems almost impossible to me that Kanoko and Sumika won't end up together after all the development they received in this Arc (which started 20 chapters ago). I still prefer the Sumika/Nene pairing though, so I wouldn't complain.

Too bad there's no new chapter this month. I'm really curious to know what's going to happen next. I really miss Yano and Hime, so being able to see them interact for at least couple of pages in Chapter 61.5 was nice.
Here, does anyone know the OST in this video?

I tried to find it, but as you said in your previous message, it doesn't seem to be part of the official soundtrack. What a shame.

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Love her or hate her, I think we can at least agree that Shiho brought interesting discussions/debates of various topics to the forum. I definitely prefer that over the "Very cute chapter, thank you for the translation" kind of comments we might get from now on.

I don't know if i'm totally agree with this. Even when it feels like the figure of Shiho gets very bright (not so in a positive way) and eclipse the other ones, to me this is the Aki's arc. She's the character that we know and she's the one who get development from the girl who secretly cries for an unrequited love, to make of with her past, close old wounds, leave behind her unrequited love and find a new love to move forward. Shiho's just a trigger to Aki's development, maybe it's the artist's mistake to choose a character as flashy as her. Aki's the one who's gonna be different after this arc, as long as the artist is consistent with the actions of his characters, obviously.

I agree to a certain extent, but saying that she was "just a trigger to Aki's development" is wild. All the description you did about Aki can also be done with Shiho.

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most of the effort went into fleshing out a character that came along halfway through the story.

Shiho was planned from the beginning, as she appeared as soon as the Volume 2 Extras. But I do agree that it was a mistake to make this Arc so long, even if she is my favorite character and I hope we'll continue to see her as much as possible.

Don't be unfair, Himari and Yori's arc continued to develop.

Absolutely. I made the same argument multiple times when people here acted like those two hadn't had any screen time for the past 25 chapters. But at the same time I think it's undeniably true that this Arc will be remembered as Shiho's, since the focus was always on her, even when she wasn't around.

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Well, that was a beautiful double page.

And even though the outcome of the band competition wasn't really important by this point, I'm still glad Laureley won.

If sales weren't great, then this would have been a great point ot end the series. Fortunately, the manga is very popular.

I don’t really care about Shiho getting what she wanted so this subplot has been kinda whatever to me, I’d rather they just go back to focusing on the two main characters again. That said points for the big lesbian campfire dance

Himari and Yori's Arc: 15 chapters.

Shiho's Arc: 29 chapters.


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Before realizing kyo was better a violin they talked like two times, and it weren't like deep or really long ones, they weren't really that close before shiho decided to cut ties with kyo.

That's true, but she's despicted as Shiho's first friend (which makes sense considering her personality). And we could see how, even after several years, both of them remained tied to that short period of time in the past and regretted not having done things differently (Kyou in particular).

And even if you think that part of the reason why Shiho frequently visited her grave was out of guilt (which is surely at least partly true), it can't be denied that it reflects how important Kyou was to her.

It's very similar to what happened later in the story with Aki, except that she did get to do something before it's too late.

i’m just gonna try to ignore the whole shiho argument.

welcome to the club

We have a club now? Joined!

For better or worse, we've reached a point where it's basically impossible to talk about the series without mentioning Shiho sooner or later. And I'm pretty sure the discussions will get a lot more boring the moment she stops being the focus of the story.

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they did not have much of a relationship before Shiho started to hate her as far as I recall

What Shiho hated was the fact that she was better at playing the violin than she was, not Kyou herself. It's basically the same thing that happened with Aki: Shiho couldn't stand not being number 1 and decided to cut ties with her entirely.

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it's because she had an acquaintance that died. (I'd hesitate to say they were even friends).

Kyou was the most important person in her life prior to met Aki.

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Please feel free to tell me about all the other good things Shiho has done. Take your time, I will wait.

As I wrote a couple of months ago, Shiho is doing her best (along with Momoka and Hajime) to keep the memory of her former friend/rival, Kyou, alive, and honor her, which is nothing to scoff at. Especially considering that she formed her current band at a moment when she wanted to quit music altogether. I say this because I think that many readers underestimate the weight that her death had on Shiho. Even the fact that she chose to play the guitar (Kyou's favorite instrument) after their fight can be understood as Shiho's way of staying connected to her.

A lot of people seem to forget that Shiho made Himawari a part of the battle of the bands bet, with her staying as their manager, mainly to get at Yori. And since that is not the first time she used Himawari against Yori, you could call that blackmail. She also did give Aki a bullshit reason for leaving the band, telling Aki it is her fault because they are not good enough as a band, which could be seen as gaslighting.

Yeah, that was mean from her part, but the whole problem was caused by Himari herself to begin with (Shiho ended up being pressured to tell why she left the band in front of everyone), and Shiho at least did apologized to her in the very next chapter.
And is not her fault that Yori had/has a lot of insecurities regarding her relationship with Himari and regarding Shiho herself (some kind of inferiority complex in my opinion).

after writing my essay (which I apologize for, ill try not to let it happen again)

I didn't reply to that post because I got caught up in the heat of the debate, but you were able to put into words many of the thoughts that I had but just didn't know how to express them adequately, so I hope you continue to write those.

Haven't been here for a while and now everybody likes Shiho. I don't feel special anymore.

It just looks that way because now it's more even than ever, and I'm happy about that.

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loveis_freely, please try to reply to everyone in a single message from now on. Otherwise it gets messy.

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Huh? Do we live in a world where it is okay to grab someone else by the collar and yell at them for expressing their opinion? No, that's not okay in any way. Shiho was emotionally and physically abusive to Aki, and never apologizes for it.

Of course it's not okay. I was just describing what triggered that reaction: Aki (unintentionally and unknowingly) rubbed salt to the wound in the worst way possible.

And Shiho is a controversial enough character as it is for you to make things up: She never "demanded Aki to renounce her own band and friends", and the only "insult" she said was stating that she was a better singer than Yori (this is canonically true), which was you original comment. What did happen was Aki slapping Shiho in the face when she left the band.

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i just gave it a reread, and from what is shown that isnt her giving up on yori, as much as its her doing the best she can to act as a good friend in the moment, considering that the next time we see her in chapter 20 she is swooning over yori again, which i would say indicates that she is trying to give up but cant due to lingering affection.

I worded it poorly. Of course love isn't something you just give up and magically disappears, what I meant was that Chapter 17 was when she began to try to give up on her. My point is that by the time of the handshake she had stopped having any romantic feelings for Yori for quite some time, even if she wasn't even aware of it.. And I found her realization to be quite natural and realistic.

For the multiple people that wrote that this story is not even about blame and responsibility as concepts... we know, that is what we are critizing. We are saying the story SHOULD be about that, or at least incorporate this concept.

Not even the two or three pages where Kyou "appeared" in this chapter made you realize the weight of guilt Shiho has been carrying with her all this time?

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Exactly. Also, Shiho is human and it didn't seem like her quitting was very premeditated. I doubt she really thought about what would happen afterward. Subconsciously though, there had to be the hope that Aki would ask her to come back. But, it is interesting as well that Aki just seemed to accept her quitting, and then replaces her like what would admittedly be normal, but then when they run into each other again she questions why she really quit. It supports the theory that Aki was just too fixated on Yori in the past to really give a thought to Shiho before.

I agree. Although I'd say it's likely that she had unconsciously started looking for an excuse to leave the group and distance herself from Aki, the truth is that she continued practicing with the band after finding out that her love was unrequited, and it was only after Aki criticized her singing (needless to say, Yori is also a singer) that she quit. Can someone really blame her?

nice fanfic and all, but where in the story is the evidence that support these claims, cause from where i stand this seems a lot like the head cannon from an overtly sympathetic super fan, dont ya think?

Check out Chapter 17. She gave up after Himari reciprocated Yori's feelings.

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Gee, when you stomp off and quit a band it must be incredibly emotionally shattering when you get replaced. Oh, the humanity!

When the person in question is the girl that your crush is in love with? I'd say so, yeah.

And it's not like they're just having fun together. They're doing it while playing music, so it's doubly hard for Shiho, as we all know how complex her relationship with it has been so far.

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Go back and read Chapter 20 again, before the battle of the bands proposal was even made. Shiho approaches Aki and makes demands that Aki renounce her own band and friends. Chapter 21, again before the bet is made, Shiho is insulting Aki and her friends. Aki tries to be polite, and Shiho literally grabs her by the collar and yells in her face.

What are you talking about? In Chapter 20 all that Shiho wanted was for Aki to admit that she was a better singer/performer than Yori. And in Chapter 21 she grabs Aki by the collar after hearing her say that she "loves Yori's singing and that that opinion will never change".

Shiho has actually always been very nice while she's hanging out with Momoka and Hajime, or when interacting with Himari alone, except for that chapter at the studio when she got angry for a moment with her because of how happy she looked chatting with Yori, something for which she apologized a second later.