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On another note... is there a physical release of this? If there is I need to start looking for it

Yes, Seven Seas released the localized volume 1 last week. The localized name is Superwomen in Love! Honey Trap and Rapid Rabbit.

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Huh, a spinoff?

More likely an April Fools given the date.

By the way, the first volume just released in English. Did anyone buy it and find out how the official localization handled Kyouka's speech mannerisms?

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if this goes in the direction it seems like its going and decide to confess right in front of x, idk whether to laugh or cry lmao

X already left the scene. The black smoke(?) was her teleporting out.

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What is the fun about a protagonist that gets beat up all the time? I don't get it.

Rapid Rabbit might be beaten every time. She is not a boring invencible hero. But she keeps fighting nonetheless. Because she IS a heroine. She doesn't do it for "fun".
And that's one of the things that caused others more powerful "on paper" than her (like general Honey) to follow her cause. Wich is also a power on its own right.

I never said she should be invecible. I don't like these types neither. I said she shouldn't lose all the time, because that makes her look weak AND boring. People, in the majority are.drawn to strong characters. But here, I'm always wondering: "Who is going to beat the shit of Rapid Rabbit this time?" So I learned to not expect much from her at this point.

I'm not even sure where you're even getting "gets beat up all the time from".

Outside of Honey Trap, Cool Down, X and the first Antinoid she fought together with Honey Trap, if you want to include that, she's won every fight shown so far. She was in a pinch against the first Antinoid because innocent bystanders got involved. Honey Trap, Cool Down and X are all elite Antinoids.

Notable enemies Hayate or Hayate+Honey Trap beat are:
- Destroy Antinoid, notable since it was her very first battle
- Kyouka (multiple times), an elite Antinoid.
- Orb Owl, a hero who had more advanced tech and better compatibility.
- X during the rematch, the freaking leader of the Antinoids

If you're complaining that she's not completely steamrolling her opponents, that's because those battles aren't shown and only the tougher battles are. If you don't think she's getting better, she went from pretty much instantly losing to Honey Trap in the first chapter to being able to keep up with Kyouka, not to mention the more obvious example of beating X in the rematch.

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Re:Boot Scramble might be based off of Critical Dead from Kamen Rider Exaid, what with the summoning exploding clones thing:

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What is the fun about a protagonist that gets beat up all the time? I don't get it.

But Kyouka isn't the protagonist.

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Anyone else wondering what the "CP" in the gattai form's name means?

It's basically Japanese slang for ship:

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"This is my first trying Yuri NTR" Excuse me what, the only information i see from the anthology is 2019 and the other was published in 2017.

You can make an argument that The Second Unfaithful isn't NTR depending on what definition of NTR you use. The author probably considers that one cheating and not NTR. NTR's literal translation means "steal by taking". There's some overlap with the two, but the main differences from what I observed seem to be:

- Character has to be explicitly in a relationship with someone else. This gets a little fuzzier in NTR where sometimes instead of being an actual relationship, it's just "has feelings for but not an actual couple"

- There's usually an element of an initial lack of consent or some elements of manipulation at play, like blackmail
- This should result in the original relationships being destroyed (doesn't always happen, sometimes the classification gets a bit fuzzy)

So in the case of Second Unfaithful, Azusa considers dumping her girlfriend for Midori, but Midori just gets off on cheating. They're both consenting in that they both want to sleep with each other. It also ends with them both going back to their original girlfriends because Midori doesn't see themselves as a long-term thing. In that sense, I can see why the author wouldn't consider that NTR.

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This page was after they beat Orb Owl and Honey kept the Trance Connector:

I think the Dimen-Stone was Hina's main transformation tool and the Connector was an accessory that powered it up.

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Ugh, I always forget half the story between updates. So was the bomb from those dorky female villians or another evil organisation? That's the first time it got dark (as I remember it) and deadly child killing bombs don't fit with harmless wannabe evil yuri villians. :o

There's only one evil organization. Also, it got dark when X almost killed Makoto and drove Hina insane.

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Can I just say how much I love the designs in this manga? Rapid Rabbit, the Kaijin themselves, Honey Trap, they're all so good! And X's design is basically perfect. It's got that menacing vibe the main villain needs while at the same time bearing a resemblance to Rapid Rabbit, which is probably completely intended since Hayate's dimension tool was made from X herself. Having X's kaijin form be like a dark, evil mirror to Rapid Rabbit actually reminds me a lot of Kuuga and Daguva.

Though I will say I expect some sort of upgraded form or SOMETHING for the very soon approaching battle with X, since they I doubt we'd get to see her without the cloak if it wasn't. Maybe some sort of fusion or combination attack with Honey? Regardless, given this is very much a toku manga I will be incredibly surprised if neither Hayate or Honey get some sort of upgraded from by the end of it.

Tl;DR I love this manga to death

Speaking of designs, the Destroy Antinoid's designs looks like it's highly inspired from Hakaider (hakai means destroy). The other Antinoids don't remind me of anything else though.

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That's literally X. Besides the visual cues, she's also at the beach, where X was in the previous chapter. Claiming X is Yuumi is a huge stretch considering that X was an active Antinoid at that time and planted the Dimension Tool to begin with.

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You sure about that? I mean the girl was "killed" in a manner where no body was found. That is often used in fiction to imply that she somehow didn't die and possibly might be X herself.

Her body was found. The outline of her head is shown in page 27.

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THERE's the stock dark past behind her powers. For a second there I thought this main character wanted to help people because she wanted to help people.
In all seriousness, I think that mysterious character is either A) the child's mom seeking "revenge" (aka "you're the reason my child died"; or
B) the child herself, also becoming a superhero, and a comedic love triangle is born.
I'm more leaning on the latter

The "mysterious character" is just X without the cloak. Her Dimension Tool matches X's dimension tool and you can see X's sunhat from the previous chapter.

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Page 16.
Honey: "That's how I came to LOVE YOU!"
Hayate: zero reaction


Hayate... could you please pay more attention when someone is confessing to you!!?

Even the enemies realize that HayaHoney is precious, fer gossake!

Didn't she say she wished she could say something like that, too. She already has a habit of giving motivational speeches/lines, so I doubt it's related to that.

Outside of the first chapter when Honey got kicked out, it's usually been Honey giving Hayate pep talks. I think that line is referring to the fact that Hayate doesn't believe in herself. We got two panels of a glimpse of what seems to be a tragic past this chapter and despite Honey telling Hayate to believe in her and herself, Hayate only said that she would believe in Honey.

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Oh fuck, so they've been killing innocent people this whole time probably, right?

No, Honey Trap said in chapter 2 that the kind they've been killing are artificially made. X and the Generals are the only one that have a chance of being former humans.

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One of the key themes of Kamen Rider has always been that the heroes uses the same power as the evil beings to stop them. In the very first Kamen Rider, the two Kamen Riders were humans that were captured and experimented on by the evil organization to be their ultimate super soldiers but escaped and opposed them.

Since then, almost every Kamen Rider has had this element in some way, including the heroes using the same power source as the evil beings, the heroes being the same race as the evil beings/halfbreeds, the heroes working together with the evil beings, the heroes becoming the same race as the evil beings or some combination. Some examples (with major spoilers) include:

Kamen Rider Ryuki: The Riders gain their power by making a contract with a monster and borrowing their power. Failure to fulfill their end of the contract means the monster will eat them
Kamen Rider Blade: The monsters (Undead) can be sealed into playing cards and the Riders use the power of the Ace Cards to transform and the other cards for special attacks/upgrades. One of the Riders is actually an Undead using the power of another Undead to pretend to be a human. Another Rider's powerup turns him into an Undead by the end of the show
Kamen Rider Faiz: The monsters (Orphenochs) are actually an evolution of humans. Humans who are capable of evolving become an Orphenoch after they die. The transformation devices are only designed to be used by the Orphenochs and normal humans can't use them. The Riders either are Orphenochs or got injected with Orphenoch DNA.
Kamen Rider OOO (probably resembles Hero-san and Former General-san the most): The Greeeds are the monsters and there are initially four of them. The Greeeds are powered by medals. One of them didn't trust the others and chose to side with humans, giving the hero the ability to transform into a Rider using the power of medals like the Greeed. Throughout the story, the hero gains a new set of medals that slowly turns him into a Greeed himself
Kamen Rider Wizard: The monsters (Phantoms) are beings that live inside certain humans. When the human falls to despair, their Phantom can break out and take over the human's existence. The Riders are people who managed to regain control after their Phantoms almost broke out or came to an agreement with their Phantom
Kamen Rider Gaim: It's a bit too much detail to go into the exact relationship between the Riders and the monsters here, but by the end of the show, two major characters including the hero himself become the same race as the monsters they fought. This also started off being a show about kids using Pokemon-like creatures to battle for territory to dance in.

What I'm trying to get at is that the latest chapter is a very typical Tokusatsu plot point and I doubt the existence of Madoka had much of an influence.

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I doubt it's getting that dark. Makoto got shot in the shoulder, it doesn't look fatal at all. Sure, it looks bad to a grade schooler who might have never seen that much blood in her life, but unless Makoto takes some more bullets, I doubt she's dying. In addition to that, Hina seems to have absorbed Makoto so there will probably some weird recovery shenanigans going on. Even if one of them irreversibly transforms into an Antinoid (which I doubt is happening), so what? Honey Trap has not shown any difficulty adjusting to human life as an Antinoid.

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This got a short anime if anyone's interested.

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Someone on /u/ pointed out that X's colors (from Twitter) matches Hayate's while under the Rapid Rabbit suit.

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So do the other generals and X also not wear underwear or was that just Honey Trap? Also, I miss Honey Trap's original human form. I wish she used that now and again in the serialized story.

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Looks like the first volume is now available in stores:

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Dynasty-scans has some pretty arbitrary quality standards for what gets uploaded here or not. Squiggles is more likely to fail those standards due to lack of polish in editing and translation.

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One has to wonder what the point of a shield Kaijin is. It literally can't attack!

I'm sure it had some moves like Captain America. Hayate was just too pissed to give it any openings to attack.

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Looks like X really needed Honey Trap on her side. Seems like she was the most active in actually seeing that whole world conquest thing through.