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Yuni is just too easily corruptable. Not being able to effectively communicate her relationship problems with her partner leading to turmoil is realistic and understandable.

Did you include in "effective" communication their conversation at the beginning, even before everything with Fuuko started?
(Scenes after disastrous group date on the festival and Yuni's complaint about all what Nanase is doing)

It's very important question.
If you included, we can't say Yuni did not try. Nanase promised to change, and did nothing. We can't say it was effective conversation, giving no results.
But, after Yuni pointed on everything, she is not guilty or responsible for faults of Nanase. Yuni did try to communicate, after all.

If you forgot about that conversation, please don't contradict manga story line.

Just be more precise. Your points are valid, but word "effectively" is making things ambiguous here and needs better clarification.
It changes Yuni's character perception drastically, depends on using, pointed above.

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To be frank, I think a lot of people can't handle a female character specifically who's significantly flawed but still treated as sympathetic. If you look at het romances, male love interests (or even protagonists) are often far worse than even Meiko here -- and for not nearly as good reasons -- and yet are given way more leeway by readers than Meiko was. People, even a lot of yuri fans, just have way higher standards for female characters in general.

Your observation isn't showing how readers are having the higher standards for female characters. Even it is very romantic thought of yours.
Truth is, tendency of readers is to find the victim who is the safest option for bitching about, a victim who won't bite back easily.
Females are "safer" option for it because society looks on females as weaker. And you are testifying for it, mentioning very tolerable reactions of readers toward male love interests who are far often worse than even Meiko here. But people are going to bitch about Meiko more, of course.
It shows that gender plays a very important role in reactions of readers, and how they will regroup.

But I think it's pretty clear that a lot of readers don't have much (like any) patience with stories about "mutually toxic relationships." In fact, a lot of readers seem to be dead-set on identifying "the good one" (as opposed to "the least messed-up one")

The case you are presenting talks about tendency of readers to find the safest option in what is morally the most acceptable. That way self-righteous individual becomes a part of larger group, counting on how they'll have more supporters in fighting against "those trainwracks" who are morally "damaged".

Unfortunately, as we see, those choices are mostly based on gender and diversity...
In other words, someone would say it's about fascism (in original meaning of the word which is "a bundle of people" (a bundle of sticks in Italian) which can't be broken easily, glued together.
They are morally self righteous group of people and they are dictating norms set up by majority. It's the basic fascism.
And we are infected with it. Some might be completely unaware of it, some not.

That's why Kodama and Iwami are great artists.
Their manga characters will make readers to show authentically and clearly their true colors without knowing, while supporting or hating those characters.
Artists are showing that way levels of infection of people in sickness of society (globally).

This opinion is not calling out to ANYONE on this forum specifically.
And it's not judgmental post in accusatory way. Just a fact.
It is something what is happening EVERYWHERE, through the politic, art, etc.

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I hope Yuni and Nanase have sex in the next chapter.

And Yuni realizes it was much more exciting when she did it with Fuuko.

Well, they should do it sooner while they are still soaking wet, or they won't be so wet next time?
Rain could help, obviously

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It was so sad to see Fuuko heartbroken.
She fought for someone she loved.
She expressed more love and desire for Yuni than Nanase.

Fuuko didn't fight for anyone. She took advantage of someone who was in a neglectful relationship and someone who was vulnerable.........suddenly intruding into someone's relationship by stalking them and blackmailing them.

Let's say that we did not know Fuuko's true intentions and feelings for Yuni until extra after Osaka.
Only recently author is giving glimpses in depths of Fuuko's feelings.
It's true it all began morally questionable, but it was slow build up, explained here
So, she fought for Yuni from the very beginning, starting with obscure intentions. Now we know Fuuko's true feelings. And we see she is truly heartbroken.

The love and desire she expressed for Yuni was somewhat delusional, based on her social media posts (she captions like she was lovers with Yuni, but she wasn't.

She wasn't delusional. She is too smart and too deep to be characterized as delusional.
For her it was not a game, from the beginning. She was serious even as a side chick (ready to accept that Yuni has feelings for Nanase, only to be with her)
We can't deny chemistry between her and Yuni. It was and is REAL.
She simply could not "count" when Yuni will be ready for accepting her own feelings for Fuuko.
Yuni is still in denial, only in this chapter 21 she answers on Nanase's I love you: -I know...
It's a sign that her denial is cracking.

She posed herself to Yuni as sidechick, telling Yuni it was okay to cheat

No, in Osaka Yuni initiated sex, Fuuko sad "we can't..." and refused her at first. She never explicitly supported cheating (scene with cherries, on the stairs when she said Yuni to dump her and "cheating is bad")
But yes, she used "ntr language" knowing it turns Yuni on. Probably it was the reason what makes you think that she is OK with cheating.

We can't say that Fuuko is evil, she simply was unlucky to fall for someone who is already taken. But lucky enough to see mismatch and find a reason to act upon it.

Not sure if those shortcuts for addresses to link are working or not in this post. Apologize for mistakes if address is wrong here
Edit: Now is fixed

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Great chapter! Smoldering.

At first, it was just one impression that Nanase is doing dating things forcefully, until that picture of Yuni's hand.
It symbolizes current state of their relationship. Bruises are not always visible at first.

Chapter is from Yuni's POV, but there are hints that both of them are feeling "unnatural" with each other.
They are acting and lying to themselves how everything is good now.
It's not.

And Yuni finally realized how sincere Fuuko was, loving her.

It was so sad to see Fuuko heartbroken.
She fought for someone she loved.
She expressed more love and desire for Yuni than Nanase.
Nanase really took Yuni away like she is her property.
It was very aggressive, then and now.

Prediction: Yuni will dump Nanase (not vice versa IF they break up)

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Is she pregnant?

I'm not sure if this is a spoiler, but...

No she ain't preggers. In fact she prolly can't. Or rather, she needs some kind of therapy with hormones 'n stuff to have a chance. But she doesn't wanna. She's fine not having children. And that's the reason of her fight with her husband: he DEMANDS children! And if it hurts her wife's body, welp, so be it, he doesn't care! Frankly, I think she did the right thing when she left the dumb ass.

Thanks a lot for the explanation! It was very helpful.
Now it has more sense than wandering around in possible special condition and not knowing exactly where to go. Poor woman...

Author indeed started harshly, bravely criticizing Japan politics and traditional behavior toward minorities and women. Very promising story!

Probably readers should not be discouraged by current tags.

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Is she pregnant?

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That definitely isn't the script she wrote for the play (and I think people are reading too much into both the play's name and Koto's hesitance to meet back up with her).

People here, he-he...
The thoughts about the play's name and Koto's hesitance were very helpful thoughts for figuring out about the role of Koto's writing with Aya's disappearance.
We all are still in phase of theories, connecting dots and hints from manga not knowing yet exactly what is happening.
Every thought is welcome, it could lead us to the right direction (right conclusions).
Your idea about the access to the "behind the scenes" of reality is also very interesting.

Anyway, the guess about Koto's writing connected with Aya's disappearance was good guess, so the initial thought what you mentioned as reading too much into, has helped a lot. It was the closest call for what is happening in this chapter

Definitely in this chapter we can see some prophetic ability of Koto, coming through her writings.
So, she really did write something what changed the destiny or can predict the future.
Was it the script for the play or something else, we'll see...
The only question is how much darkness the characters are keeping inside...
They all are keeping from each other something hidden.

Here are so many great minds with very inspiring thoughts on this forum.
It's really enjoyable to read the comments and see how people are moving together with the story.
Everyone is having very interesting ideas, however the story will go.

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Koto is getting creepier with every next chapter

A side glance to Aya made in a manner of Queen-coin (there should be a coin with a profile of one queen with very similar position of the face and the eyes looking to the side) was the creepiest moment in this chapter, aside from a sudden appearance of the reflector, the stage, Koto on the stage with some mysterious script in her hands...

"Why did you hesitate to respond to my first confession?" -it was a strange question for someone who waited for 7 years to get the promised first date from Aya who hesitated just 1-2 weeks, months? to respond to her confession.

And now, what with that river of time of 7 years gap separating two lovers?
Later in life that gap is almost insignificant, but now with Aya 14 yo and Koto 21 yo it's too much differences between them, what we can see already in this chapter
(a coffee example about tastes of youngsters and tastes of adults; Aya is now closer to children than to women, and Koto is on the opposite side of it, she already stepped into her adulthood)

And, what we are really reading now? Is it the script written by Koto, or reality mixed with supernatural powers?

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That's the passion, Yuni-chan!
This scene shows how passionate she feels for Fuuko, she won't feel so passionate for Nanase, ever.
It's a pity she's expressing it through destruction (attempt).

Yuni actually progressed from slapping Fuuko, speaking death wishes and bloody biting to full passion-crime attempt!
If Fuuko has not kissed her murderous little hand....uh...

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what if BOTH Erika and Koto made a similar Tanabata wish (in terms of your theory about Koto being responsible via script writing and Erika because she’s seemingly the number one suspect). So they technically made the “wish” together?

Yes, it's very interesting idea. You started something very very interesting here, just continue reading this comment

The issue with the theory is I don't see a motivation for Koto to wish that Aya would disappear, while both Erika and even Aya herself are shown to have plausibly wanted that.

You are practically giving the answer in this sentence.
Koto did not want Aya to disappear. But she wrote literally a wishful thinking (about finding a safe place, inspired by Aya reciting a poem?) unintentionally forwarding Aya 7 years into the future where she is safe.
That means the possibility about grandpa abuser grows to 99,99% unfortunately. But it is expected that this manga is a bit darker, and it's fine.

What you said about Aya's and Erika's wishes, you are opening the possibility that all 3 wishes were aligned (same wish with different motives), and it was a to forward Aya 7 years into the future.

Those wishes are making a triangle, btw

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Koto acts like someone with guilty conscience, avoiding Aya.
There's something off in her behavior...

Btw, drama club play name: Wishful Thinking; main role: Ushio Aya (chapter 2/25)
-there actually was the written clue! (mentioned before)

What if it was something what Koto wrote in her script what was connected (or caused) Aya's disappearance?

In chapter 1/27, last pic, Koto is observing a poster "TANA - BATA as a theme", so, Wishful Thinking was written by Koto (and later in manga Aya confirmed telling about her wish to play main role because it was first Koto's script)
Koto was also a witness while Aya was reciting a poem about a hidden place (wishful thinking).
She dropped the drama club and stopped writing scripts, after.
And when friends described her after Aya'a disappearance, she obviously was in a state of shock for a long time.
There could be more about Koto's connection with disappearance of Aya than we know now.

Erika acts too cool for someone possibly involved in Aya's disappearance. No traces of guilt in her behavior.
She mentioned their last conversation too casually for something with hidden intentions to cause disappearance of someone.

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Maybe author just wanted to draw a race.
It was really wonderful, btw
Their motions, expressions...

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Terrible angst.
And here is speaking someone who likes angsty things a lot, but...
The author is very good in putting the pressure upon readers making more and more angst from chapter to chapter.
It's like they want to test how many readers can survive until the end. Who can bear and stay sane.
Reason is probably depressive title, it doesn't promise relief from the angst.

Best wishes and admiration to all who can bear, but there are people who refuse to be tortured (at least, not without the proper reward and compensation for their suffering)

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Youzi looks like daughter of Ren

Calling it again

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This manga shows one reflex-slap example almost at the beginning of the story. It shows how reflex mechanism works connected with our subconsciousness, how the things are triggering us, etc.
Situation here is clearer than between Kurumi and Ruriko in Trying Marriage.

Woman (Ms.Takase) (previously sexually harassed and after it gossiped by coworkers) slapped Rinko's arm when she tried to help Ms. Takase to stand up after falling, and that reflex-slap was based on Takase's bad memory.
It's clearly shown in this manga, and it's correctly presented.
Rinko's words resonated with Ms.Takase's previous experience negatively, and triggered her to reflex-slapping.

It's all about mechanism, how our brain works sorting emotions.
And reflex-reactions are caused by positive or negative resonances to our previous experiences (memorized emotions).

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Her strategy was pretty good and did give some results; and while it seems for now that they weren't permanent results, we'll just have to see what happens—because the manga isn't over yet.

True. Even if that strategy of her was morally dubious occasionally (not her sincere intentions to help and comfort Yuni, but ways for it are sometimes morally questionable), it was the only possible way to start something with Yuni and make Yuni to look at her.
Fuuko simply could not act differently even if she wanted, because of situation which required such actions.

Her actions were flawless from stage to stage, conquering Yuni.
She really did not make any mistake or acted wrong (wrong not in moral sense).
It could not give the final result FOR NOW, as you say.
But something is sown and we will see what will really grow from it.

Also, there is a hint about very possible peer pressure on Nanase and Yuni in next chapters (Yuki knows that Yuni cheated, and some girl saw Fuuko kissing Yuni). It will be very interesting to see what will author do about it.
Obviously, Yuni's return to Nanase won't go smoothly.

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However, who cares what anybody else is thinking?
And it's very amusing to read reactions of people and know the reasons what exactly triggered them to comment the way they commented after something was said.
Don't forget the said rule:
"Our reactions can tell about us more than words, especially our triggered reactions"

Anyway, the addition and "too much talking" was a correction for you guys, not to feel forced to accept something said by someone else "just like that",
but to see clearly 2 true cases and compare it with manga to understand the characters and their reactions better

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Something important:
Real life testimonies about reflex-slapping and comparison with manga

Speaking as a person who witnessed two reflex slapping (or even may be a protagonist in some of next events), let's see how it works in reality:

Case 1
Person A and B are riding a bus talking about favorite food.
Person A (to Person B): "Do you like chocolate?"
PB: "No, I like oranges"
PA: "No, no, you like chocolate more!"
PB: "Oranges!"
PA (teasing): "No, nooo, you like chocolate!"
PB suddenly slaps PA roaring: "I SAID I LIKE ORANGES!!!!"
(both of them stare at each other frozen and shocked by reaction of person B...)

This is a great example for better understanding our subconsciousness connected with reflexes.
Obviously, PB was someone who was harshly verbally abused in their past. And forced to "love and like" something they don't like
PA simply not knowing, teased and triggered that something what was suppressed in subconsciousness of PB. It RESONATED negatively with previous similar experiences of PB.
PB's reflex slap was deeply suppressed anger toward a previous attacker who forced verbally something unwanted on them. And by accident PA triggered it and became "a victim" (like Kurumi in manga)

Case 2
Camera is recording kids playing on the street.
Kid A rides a bicycle and is recorded by a cameraman.
Kid B suddenly approaches and pulls the bike under Kid A pushing them away and taking the bike forcefully from them.
Kid A reflexively slaps Kid B while being pushed from the bike and stays on guard like a boxer (all by reflex)...

Here, Kid A is seriously attacked and they felt endangered on many levels.
Someone is forcefully taking something from them. Someone entered forcefully their personal space. Someone is physically attacking them, pushing them.
Slap was reflexive self-defense and in this case reflexive reaction on intentional violence; Kid A answers on violence with violence for a sake of self-defense.
Here is actually not important if Kid A have some possible traumatic experience previously. Or if Kid A and Kid B know each other.
Kid A is acting naturally (like innate reflex for self-defense).

Let's compare this with manga. In a case of Kurumi-Ruriko, we have an unexpected kiss what triggered a slap (as a reflex self-defence)
Here is the question,
WHY Ruriko feels that she is violently attacked with a kiss of someone she knows, and answers on it with violence?
Is she closer to Case 1 or Case 2 example?

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That's why there is a great possibility that Ruriko was assaulted in her past by someone, her reflexive slap says that something is repressed in her subconsciousness coming out as a reflex in a shape of a slap.

Based on what? What knowledge do you have in this area to suggest that with confidence?

It's based on a lot researching about functions of our brain connected with reflexes, observing through various at first sight not connected fields. Some of those researched fields are biopsychology, acoustic (resonance, sound production, masking effects...), human behavior, etc.
Researching was about misusing subliminal and supraliminal stimuli influencing our brain (for example how to destabilize functions of anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) which are:
-our attention,
-our emotions,
-ethics and morality...

and insular cortex functions such as:
-motor control,
-cognitive functioning,
-interpersonal experience,
-awareness of homeostatic emotions such as hunger, pain and fatigue...

All of those functions are very important behavioral cognitive functions which can be influenced (positively or negatively) through free access to our subconsciousness.
And, observing human behavior globally, we can't say there are no problems with mentioned functions above, that lots of people struggle with the lack of attention (focus), lack of compassion and empathy, struggle with inconveniences connected with food, etc.
Key for healing (or malfunction) could be in sound-ultrasound influences on centers of our brain through our subconsciousness.

Practically, it's scientifically proved that is possible to "hack" our brain through sounds connected with supraliminal (ultrasound) and subliminal (infrasound) stimuli and that way is possible to gain free access into our defenseless subconsciousness, simply using our hearing reflexes.
And nobody will notice! But our brain will start to decode those signals beyond the threshold of hearing on subconscious level (it's very complex theme to explain here everything how it functions)
There are scientifically proved healing methods based on brain resonance and reflexes, but same knowledge can be misused and make contra-effects.

So, those researches are based a lot on our reflexive behavior, and things which are triggering us, how and why.
Knowing it, that's why Ruriko's gesture resemble the pattern noticed in that research.

There's some large leaps being made here based on too little, unless there's other evidence from earlier in the manga that you think implies this idea?

It was mentioned before that comment you quoted:

What exactly is the case with Ruriko we don't know, but that slap speaks about her more than words.
Of course, this is just an assumption, talking only about possibility.
Was it "real" intention of the author or not, who knows.
But if you are "reading between lines" about her gesture, that's how you will understand the situation.

As you see, it's not a final conclusion, but " the most possible possibility" based on reality of human behavior.
It depends on author, do they know what exactly they pulled here out, or it was without deeper meaning for the rest of the story.

...or you believe anyone who reflexively slaps a person after having their personal space invaded is doing so as a result of past trauma/assault?

You should not say that, like all kinds of slaps are reflexive. Particularly slaps which are reflexes (not conscious and intentional reactions) are usually triggered by something what is already in our subconsciousness. And it can be trauma/assault, mostly.

Nobody here will say the cause of a slap was some suppressed aggressive tendency of Ruriko or her suppressed hatred toward Kurumi .
So, yes, the most possible cause for her triggered reflex-slapping should be the trauma/assault.
Don't forget, Kurumi is not some stranger who is forcing unwanted kiss on Ruriko. There's no reason to slap her in this situation, except if it was a reflex triggered by that kiss, what indicates something (traumatic) from the past.
And, don't observe just a slap here, the key is in the trigger.
In this case the trigger was an unexpected kiss.

Is it possible to react reflexively just from a surprise? Yes.
But reflexive push fits here better, if surprise was a case.
If reflex comes out as a slap, it indicates some serious form of violence.
An extremely triggered reaction.
So, the most logical explanation here is that Ruriko may have a very traumatic experience in her past, probably being kissed forcefully and unexpectedly by someone.

Also, there are slaps (or pushing) which are not reflexes, happening in same situation like in manga. They are conscious decisions to slap or push someone (usually a stranger) invading forcefully our personal space. And that someone deserved it. But not Kurumi, even when she is drunk.

As people, including me, have been saying, it just seems like such a tonal lapse in comparison to the rest of the series, and a less overtly violent gesture (a shove, pushing away, etc.) most likely would have been just as effective in communicating the hurt feelings and misunderstandings in that situation.

You are right, there's not much previously in the series what can explain a sudden violent gesture.
But it could be somehow logical, they did not have a close physical contact before this unexpected kiss.
So we could not notice anything unusual, Kurumi could not notice it as well. There was no trigger before this, to give us a sign.
It's just a question how author will continue this story. Leaving it as one solved incident, or dig deeper in characters and reveal something hidden about them.

A slap in a situation like that is not an uncommon response to that kind of sudden physical interaction (in real life and literature). It's also not much different than a push, or shove, etc.

It is actually very different, it's written above in this comment explaining how the form (appearance) of reflexes (and WHAT TRIGGERED them) can give us indications what we are keeping suppressed in our subconsciousness.
Our reactions can tell about us more than words, especially our triggered reactions.

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if you've ever had a drunk person abruptly kiss you without consent (i have), it's extremely confusing and can be incredibly distressing.

Not a drunk person but someone much older and not of preferred gender. It felt like that you are a bomb ready to explode if someone wanted to approach too close. Terrible feelings of unsafety.
As you say it is incredibly distressing, more when younger you are...
Just hope you were not 15 year old or even younger and that it did not leave deep scars on you....

i don't think ruriko intended to hurt kurumi, but just to get away (to safety) as quickly as she could, and personally, i don't really see anything wrong with that.

Definitely it was unintentional.
Here is something very important what you said:

slapping kurumi might have even happened before she could make a conscious decision about it.

It is true, it was not a conscious decision. That kiss triggered her.
And she acted reflexive, slapping Kurumi.
Reflexes belong to our unconscious (subconscious) part of psyche, like breathing etc.
That's why there is a great possibility that Ruriko was assaulted in her past by someone, her reflexive slap says that something is repressed in her subconsciousness coming out as a reflex in a shape of a slap.
It means, there is already something what caused her to be triggered by that unexpected kiss.

Ruriko is not an assaulter in this situation, she simply reacted defending herself, feeling endangered by unexpected situation.
So, you are right again that she wanted to get back to safety as quickly as she could, because that's the first thing what someone feels when attacked that way (and to wash their mouth).

If her slap was not reflexive, it would be that she intentionally wanted to hurt Kurumi slapping her and put her in her place because Kurumi overstepped the boundaries.
But it's not the case here, as you said, and there's nothing wrong with Ruriko's reaction if we understand her reasons for it (subconscious self-defense)

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But thing here should be simple.
If someone responds on unexpected kiss with a reflexive slap, it can only mean that they were previously physically endangered by someone (growing up in a household where they were exposed to domestic violence, or having unwanted physical experience in their youth?)

What exactly is the case with Ruriko we don't know, but that slap speaks about her more than words.
Of course, this is just an assumption, talking only about possibility.
Was it "real" intention of the author or not, who knows.
But if you are "reading between lines" about her gesture, that's how you will understand the situation.

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We're talking about a single, very atypical incident under unusual circumstances, one that both people have apologized for and talked out to their satisfaction.

Your words here are exactly describing the other day between us in other thread. Sorry for delayed proper reaction on your apology a few days ago (hope you noticed the edit)
Just did not know how to react at first being aware that fault was not completely yours, and from surprise that someone was so kind to apologize and acknowledge a mistake, it rarely happens here...

Anyway, about the slap, it could be a reflexive reaction, not expected from both sides, and completely unintentional by Ruriko.
A reflex, not because her beloved drunk kissed her without a consent, but because some pent up tension built already in Ruriko.

They are walking usually around each other constantly on tip-toes, always restrained and frightened not to make a wrong move or embarrass themselves (it's a part of their culture).
So, it's somehow logical that drunk kiss can provoke a reflexive slap, like opening a dam of restrained emotional energy, and flood of restrained emotions turned into slap.

Kurumi freed her own tension by drinking, lowered her inhibitions and expressed her restrained emotions through a kiss.
They just were not on same "wavelengths" in same time, and it caused the incident.

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She confessed!!!

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Author is obviously playing some game of absurd here, indirectly sending the message to readers to take this all as a fun.

Look at the goal of little sis, it's MARRIAGE! (with her own sis)
Is it possible? Of course not. But NOBODY in manga says it to her. Childhood friend is seriously considering her request!
(and it was extremely cute that first thing she was worried about is how impossible to her is to be the wingman to her own love interest, not how impossible the marriage between sisters is)

So, it's all fiction here and for fun, it's all about imaginary situations made intentionally by author
And the art is beautiful, so why not to enjoy without care?

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