katewarner May 28, 2021 8:30PM

Wow! These are pretty close to the original LN character designs. These two had a great relationship, expressing affection by leaving each other alone.

Ensel May 29, 2021 3:40AM

I remember finding their relationship cute but quite frustrating. I mean they were both kinda into each other but they never confessed because of some trauma.

last edited at May 29, 2021 3:40AM

Kojiro481 May 30, 2021 10:53AM

I used to have quite a bit of a crush on Shimako back when the Marimite anime first came out, in large part thanks to Mamiko Noto's throaty, sexy voice . Those were the days !

kai3 May 30, 2021 7:08PM

Best girl Shimako!!

YayaSamuko Jun 3, 2021 1:42AM

This anime has really changed my life back then so I am happy to see there are still lot of fanart of this series out there