Yurigurashi by Kurukuru Hime — Dropped and Licensed


This manga has been licensed

Content licensed for English release has been removed from the reader. You can support the author by purchasing the title when it becomes available.
Chapter 1: Living Carefreely~ Together~ released Jan 6 '19
Chapter 2: 'Like An Old Married Couple' released Jan 10 '19 Tsundere
Chapter 3: Living With An Author released Jan 18 '19 Age gap
Chapter 4: Living With Death released Feb 2 '19 Supernatural
Chapter 5: Living With My Teacher released Mar 6 '19 Age gap Student x Teacher
Pixiv Extras released Apr 9 '19
Chapter 6: Living With A Yandere released Apr 11 '19 Hair Yandere
Chapter 7: Living With A Dog released May 13 '19 Age gap
Chapter 8: Living With a Flighty Lover released Jun 18 '19 Hadaka apron Office lady Player