Yandere Kanojo (JOKER) by Shinobi — Completed


Tanaka Manabu is a geeky student, on the way to school he meets a girl carrying a bloody bat. That girl is Ryuuzaki Reina, leader of the school's female delinquents. It's love at first sight. A gag manga (with a combination of 4-koma and normal page) about having a yankee dere-dere girlfriend.

Note: in the title of this series, "yandere" isn't refering to this term, but to the "yankee"+"dere-dere" combination.

Yandere Kanojo comes out in two editions. One is the "magazine version", Yandere Kanojo (Joker); and the other one is the "online version", Yandere Kanojo (Online). Both stories follow the same storyline, characters, and concepts; however, each version shows different events while not contradicting the other.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Spring, the Season of Love released Jun 13 '09
Chapter 2: A Huge Masochist, AKA: His Little Sister released Oct 7 '09
Chapter 3: Pacifism, That is, Gandhi released Sep 6 '11
Chapter 4: February, That is, Valentine's Day released Sep 13 '11
Volume 2
Chapter 5: Summer, That is, of course, the Pool released Sep 16 '11
Chapter 6: The Black Spirit Girl, That is, the First Half of the Ghost Story released Oct 15 '11
Chapter 7: The Black Spirit Girl, That is, the Second Half of the Ghost Story released Oct 18 '11
Chapter 8: Part-time, That is, a Yandere Waitress released Nov 16 '11
Volume 3
Chapter 9: The Cultural Festival, That is, the First Half of a Rutheless Battle released Dec 25 '11
Chapter 10: The Cultural Festival, That is, the Second Half of a Ruthless Battle released Jan 3 '12
Chapter 11: Birthday, That is, a Surprise released Apr 1 '12
Volume 4
Chapter 11.5: A Sewing Kit, That is, a Must Have for all Girls released Jul 3 '12
Chapter 12: Baseball, That is, a Game of Life and Death, Part 1 released Jul 3 '12
Chapter 13: Baseball, That is, a Game of Life and Death, Part 2 released Sep 10 '12
Chapter 14.1: Baseball, That is, a Game of Life and Death, Part 3 released Oct 12 '12
Chapter 14.2: Baseball, That is, a Game of Life and Death, Part 4 released Oct 24 '12
Chapter 15: A Fitting Man, That is, Manabu Tanaka released Dec 20 '12
Chapter 16: Under the Legendary Sakura Tree, the Two Made a Memory Together released Jun 11 '10
Chapter 17: The Sea, a Place to Bring Your Swimming Ring released Jul 15 '10
Chapter 18: Magical Girl, You Are Who You Are released Aug 12 '10
Chapter 19: Octoboer, Also Known As: The Time for the Great Battle Called Halloween released Sep 13 '10
Chapter 20: The Principal, Also Known Their Greatest Enemy (Part 1) released Oct 13 '10
Chapter 21: The Principal, Also Known Their Greatest Enemy (Part 2) released Oct 30 '10
Chapter 22: Dieting, That is, Fall and Standards released Dec 3 '10
Chapter 23: Christmas, That is, Masters of Cake released Jan 10 '11
Chapter 24: Femininity, That is, My Fair Lady released Feb 13 '11
Chapter 25: Ghost Hunter, That is, the Fierce(ly insane) Girl released Mar 15 '11
Chapter 26: The Black Bat, That is, a Cursed Item released Apr 19 '11
Chapter 27: Deceit, That is, April Fools' Day released May 10 '11
Chapter 28: An Expedition, That is, an Encounter with the Unknown released Jun 2 '11 Bears
Chapter 29: Transfer Student, That is, Garasu Tsukihitsugi Again released Jul 5 '11
Chapter 30: A Sprain, That is, a Brief Stay in the Infirmary released Aug 19 '11
Chapter 31: Amazake, That is, the Perfect Drink released Aug 31 '11
Chapter 32: Pulling Weeds, That is, Cornerstone of Youth released Sep 30 '11
Chapter 33: Childhood Friend, That is, Friendship and the Strongest, Red Ranger released Nov 10 '11 Subtext
Chapter 34: Nanami and Sumika, That is, Childhood Friends released Dec 17 '11 Subtext
Chapter 35: An Announcement, That is, the Path to Becoming a Proper Couple released Jan 16 '12
Chapter 36: Cleaning, That is, a Heart Enriching Virtue released Feb 12 '12
Chapter 37: Beware of Dog, That is, a Test of One's Love released Mar 8 '12
Chapter 38: The New President, That is, Daikichi Ugajin's Chaos Part 1 released Apr 23 '12
Chapter 39: The New President, That is, Daikichi Ugajin's Chaos, Part 2 released Apr 28 '12
Chapter 40: A Peace Treaty, That is, Putting a Bell on a Cat's Neck released Jul 17 '12
Chapter 41: Her Little Brother's Crush, That is, the Girl She's Curious About released Aug 9 '12
Chapter 42: The Smell of Perfume, That is, That Lady from Back Then released Aug 13 '12
Chapter 43: Idol Debut, That is, the Glory of General Elections released Sep 20 '12
Chapter 44: A Mysterious Girl, That is, a Certain Someone's You Know What released Nov 11 '12
Chapter 45: The Place His Grandfather Works, That is, the Forbidden Land released Dec 15 '12
Chapter 46: Fashion, That is, Working to Impress Him released Jan 21 '13
Chapter 47: The Aftereffects of Love, That is, a Serious Disease released Mar 27 '13 Subtext
Chapter 48: Egg Farm, That is, a Wonderful Online Game released Apr 8 '13
Chapter 49: The Ultimate Solution, That is, Holding Hands released Jun 24 '13
Chapter 50: Doubles Marathon, That is, the Grueling School Event, Part 1 released Jun 28 '13
Chapter 51: Doubles Marathon, That Is, The Grueling School Event, Part 2 released Jul 4 '13
Chapter 52: Treasure Hunt, That Is, A Mystery Message released Oct 9 '13
Chapter 53: A Letter, That is, Tidings from a Mysterious Person released Oct 11 '13
Chapter 54: Little Sister Tsugumi, That is, a Critical Brocon released Oct 14 '13
Chapter 55: Cracker Man Show, That is, a Childhood Encounter released Aug 8 '14
Chapter 56: Komachi's Boyfriend, That is, a Pretty New Face released Sep 7 '14
Chapter 57: Approaching Danger, That is, a Monster on the Attack released Jan 2 '15
Chapter 58: Garasu's Worry, That is, an Invisible Power released Jan 4 '15
Chapter 59: My Little Sister, That Is, She's Not That Cute released Apr 21 '15
Chapter 60: Their Past, That Is, The Promise They Made That Day released Apr 30 '15
Chapter 61 released Jun 24 '15
Chapter 62: Sleepover, That Is, A Party for the Girls released Jul 7 '15
Chapter 63: An All Guy Sleepover, That Is, Chaos released Aug 5 '15
Chapter 64: Mayami and the Manager, That Is, Mutual Love? released Aug 23 '15
Chapter 65 released Sep 2 '15
Chapter 66: Fortunes, That Is, Mademoiselle's Will released Oct 18 '15
Chapter 67: Observing 2-A, That Is, Kouichirou Ryuuzaki In Trouble released Oct 25 '15
Chapter 68: Winning Over the Tanakas, That Is, A Problem We've Dealt With Before released Nov 1 '15
Chapter 69: Meeting the Family, That Is, The First Visit released Dec 10 '15
Chapter 70: A Colorful Past, That Is, The Birth of a Yankee released Feb 8 '16
Chapter 71: Ballroom Dance, That Is, The Best in the World released Jun 5 '16
Chapter 72: Dance Party, That Is, Everyone's Here released Jun 12 '16
Chapter 73: A Dreadful Desire, That Is, The Party is in Full Swing released Jun 20 '16
Chapter 74: A Mysterious Prince, That Is, A Guy Who Looks Like Tanaka released Jun 27 '16
Chapter 75 released Jul 6 '16