We Are Magical Boys by Fukushima Teppei — Ongoing

Also known as Bokura wa Mahou Shounen and BokuMaho


Kaito Odagiri is a normal fifth grade boy who can hold his own in a fight and loves to show off. This attracts the attention of Makoto Kaibara, a boy at Kaito's school who reveals to him that he can use magic, but he needs Kaito's help to protect the peace of their town. Kaito jumps at the chance of being a magic-wielding superhero, but his excitement turns to horror when he realizes that he'll be protecting the town dressed as a typical magical girl under the name Thrilling Pink. Although initially reluctant, Kaito soon discovers that there’s more to being a magical boy than simply looking cute in a skirt.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: To Hell With Being a Magical Boy! I'm Definitely Gonna Quit! released Nov 19 '18
Chapter 2: It Isn't Warped!! I'm Not Lying!! released Nov 19 '18
Chapter 3: I Don't Need You to be My Friend!!!! released Dec 3 '18
Chapter 4: It's Finally Time For Us to be Full-fledged Magical Boys!!! released Dec 3 '18 Clones
Chapter 5: Damn It!!! Why is Someone Like Him...!!! released Dec 19 '18
Chapter 6: No Matter What Anyone Else Says, I'm Cute!!!! released Dec 19 '18
Volume 2
Chapter 7: Is That How They're Gonna Find Out!? released Jun 13 '19
Chapter 8: I Feel Like I'll Never Be Able to Look Him in the Eye Again!!! released Jun 15 '19
Chapter 9: What Am I Lacking? released Jun 18 '19
Chapter 10: But Well, I'm Just Reluctantly Going Along With It!!! released Jun 25 '19
Chapter 11: I'm Sure You'll Come By Tomorrow, Too released Jun 26 '19
Chapter 12: It's an Invitation to a Party from the Land of Magic! released Jul 2 '19
Volume 3
Chapter 13: It'll Be Okay! We'll Be Fine As Long As We're Together! released May 20 '20
Chapter 14: Is That Really It? released May 23 '20
Chapter 15: It's Time For Me to Get It Back By Myself!! released May 28 '20
Chapter 16: I'm Not Handing Odagiri-kun Over to You!!! That's All!!!! released Jun 2 '20
Chapter 17: I Wonder What's Going on with Momo-chan... released Jun 6 '20
Chapter 18: I'm Gonna Be One of the Crystal Eight!!!!! released Jun 11 '20
Volume 4
Chapter 19: I Haven't Lost Sight of Who I Am As a Hero!! released Sep 10 '20
Chapter 20: You Don't Know Anything About Purple!! released Sep 12 '20
Chapter 21: I Don't Feel Like He Could Lose to Anyone released Sep 19 '20
Chapter 22: The Power From Having Accepted Myself! released Sep 22 '20
Chapter 23: Anything That Sparkles Like Gold is Awesome!! released Sep 25 '20
Chapter 24: Isn't This....All Kinds of Cool!!?? released Oct 5 '20