Twin Cake by Aoi Hana — Completed


Kaede, following in the footsteps of the idol she admired, Susuran, became an idol herself.
But reality is hard. Neither does she sell nor has she met her admired Susuran, and today is yet another day answering phones at the office. Then one day, to her great delight, she is selected as Susuran's mananger. Kaede hurries straight away to greet her, but she is shocked to find a Susuran totally different than her image. She is both selfish and mean. "This is not the Susuran I admired!!" Yet after spending time together with her, Kaede comes to know Susuran in many ways...

Volume 1
Chapter 1 released Jan 11 '12
Chapter 2 released Feb 9 '12
Chapter 3 released Jun 9 '12
Chapter 4 released Sep 24 '12
Chapter 5 released Feb 19 '13
Chapter 6 released Feb 28 '13
Chapter 7 released Mar 9 '13 Moderate amounts of sex
Postscript released Mar 9 '13