The Nighthawk Drifts About by Yashio Goyou — Ongoing

Also known as Yodaka, Meguru


Yukako, a housewife tired of the pressure put upon her by the people in her life, has an unexpected reunion with a woman from her past. This meeting makes Yukako yearn for the touch of another woman again as she tries to keep her affair a secret from her husband.

Chapter 1: Lipsticks Become One released Dec 5 '20 Het on pages 19 and 20 NSFW
Chapter 2: Hearts Estranged released Dec 9 '20
Chapter 3: Frustrations Grow released Jan 1 '21
Chapter 4: The Ring Falls Off released Jan 27 '21 NSFW
Chapter 5: The Rift Widens released Apr 6 '21 NSFW