The Moment After We Kissed by Ira Ozaki — Completed


Also known as Kimi to Kiss Shite Sono Ato de
A collection of three short romance stories.

The Moment After We Kissed:
Kei is trying to write her way into fame with short BL novels, but isn't making any progress. To make things worse, she's never even had a boyfriend before!

Kisses and Poison:
Seto is a girl in high school who's been bullied all her life for her strange appearance and thick accent. But when a guy suddenly appears calling himself an "alien", how will her school life change?

A Naive Spiral:
Saya confesses to her love interest, but gets rejected. While she moves on, apparently he doesn't, and things start getting violent...

Volume 1
Chapter 1: The Moment After We Kissed released Mar 11 '10