She, Her Camera and Her Seasons by Tsukiko — Ongoing


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Miyama Akari is a poor high school student with a part-time job, and she's tired of fitting in with all the girls who do their best to look and act the same. One girl in her class, Sendo Yuki, is different from the others. She rarely speaks or interacts with the other girls in the class, and Akari finds her intriguing. After she follows Yuki during lunch one day, Akari sees a whole other side of her, one that is fascinated with cameras and photography.

As Akari and Yuki become friends, Akari can't ignore her growing attraction to Yuki. To make matters more confusing, a boy from their class, Rintaro, has started openly and persistently flirting with Akari. High school is a bewildering time for the heart, and Akari's is no exception...

Chapter 1: Yuki released Mar 28 '15
Chapter 2: Animals released May 16 '15
Chapter 3: Tokyo released Jul 2 '15
Chapter 4: Wages released Jul 3 '15
Chapter 5: Fixed Point released Oct 13 '15 NSFW
Chapter 6: Cumulonimbus released Mar 17 '16
Chapter 7: Longing released May 4 '16
Chapter 8: Attraction released Feb 27 '18
Chapter 9: Defeat released Nov 11 '18
Chapter 10: Imprints released Nov 18 '18
Chapter 11: Frigid released Feb 28 '19