Semelparous by Ogino Jun — Licensed


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To stop the otherworldly "Kaijuu" from invading Earth, individuals wielding special powers known as "Aegis" are tasked with the protection of the world. Aratsugu Yorino is one of the aspiring "Bastioners" - soldiers who fight the invaders within the wall between the two worlds.

Yorino and her best friend Haruka were always at the top of their class, and vowed to become professional Bastioners together. However, when a Kaijuu broke through the wall during one of their exercises, Haruka lost her life saving Yorino. Cornered by the Kaijuu once again, Yorino was rescued by a Bastioner called Kaminoi Youko. After asking Yorino to give her Aegis energy, Youko defeated the Kaijuu with overwhelming power.

With her heart full of determination, Yorino placed first on the Bastioner exam, all for the sake of saving herself from ever feeling loss again.

Chapter 1 released Apr 21 '20
Chapter 2 released Apr 23 '20
Chapter 3 released Apr 23 '20
Chapter 4 released Apr 23 '20
Chapter 5 released Apr 24 '20
Chapter 6 released May 18 '20
Chapter 7 released Jul 20 '20 Masturbation NSFW
Chapter 8 released Sep 19 '20
Chapter 9 released Nov 1 '20 NSFW
Chapter 10 released Dec 19 '20 NSFW
Chapter 11 released Jan 31 '21 NSFW
Chapter 12 released Apr 6 '21 Masturbation Moderate amounts of sex NSFW
Chapter 13 released Jun 15 '21 Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Science babies
Chapter 14 released Jun 23 '21 NSFW
Chapter 15 released Jun 26 '21 NSFW
Chapter 15.5: Extra Story released Aug 19 '21 Lots of sex NSFW
Chapter 16 released Oct 23 '21