Sakana no Miru Yume by Ogawa Maiko — Completed


Summary (shortened to remove spoilers) by tethysdust from Mangahelpers via Manga Updates:

“Since their mother’s death, sisters Tomoe and Mikage have been mostly raising each other. The older sister, Tomoe, is determined to get good grades and work her way into a good college. However, she’s disturbed by the trouble Mikage sometimes gives her. The two sisters have their separate lives at their respective schools, but their life together and their relationship may be most important of all.”

The title translates to “Dream(s) seen by a fish”

Volume 1
Chapter 1: The Suou Sisters' Situation released Sep 29 '13
Chapter 2: Family released Oct 12 '13
Chapter 3: Jealousy released Oct 17 '13
Chapter 4: Good Guys, Bad Guys released Oct 27 '13
Chapter 5: Stargazers' Night released Nov 14 '13
Volume 2
Chapter 6: Natsu and the President released Aug 4 '14
Chapter 7: Confession released Sep 4 '14
Chapter 8: The Girls' Secret Story released Sep 10 '14
Chapter 9: Her Beautiful Garden released Sep 24 '14
Chapter 10: Late Winter Gallops On released Oct 11 '14
Chapter 11: Beyond the Flowery Horizon released Oct 18 '14
Chapter 12: Epilogue: A Certain Night released Oct 18 '14