Rosehip Diary - Whispers of Roses and Lilles by Ooshima Towa — Ongoing


Towakan is a collection of stories:
1) Amaenbo Joker
2) Tokimeki Quest: Two schoolgirls are invited by AV scout from 25th century to film an ecchi-filled fantasy adventure.
3) Rosehip Diary: Yuri drama involving a gymnastics club where second-year students mentor first-year students, and in the mean time, have special relationships...
4) Chikyuu no saigo no hi
5) Erectic Security

Known as Towakan in Mangaupdates.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Krauter Pradikat released Nov 29 '08 Tomboy
Chapter 2: L'amour, C├ęst. Tout released Dec 24 '08
Chapter 3: Eternal Place released Feb 3 '09