Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-chan by Narumi Naru — Ongoing


Meet Koizumi, the new speechless transfer student. She loves ramen. A LOT. She will go to all lengths to eat some ramen and there is no such thing as too much. Oosawa Yuu follows closely behind, trying to get close to Koizumi at every opportunity, despite her disapproval.

Chapter 1: First Bowl: More Veggies, Garlic, Oil and Salt released Nov 24 '14
Chapter 2: Second Bowl: Mayu released Nov 27 '14
Chapter 3: Third Bowl: Laying it on thick released Mar 23 '15
Chapter 4: Fourth Bowl: Hypnotism released Mar 24 '15
Chapter 5: Fifth Bowl: North Pole released Jul 4 '16
Chapter 6: Sixth Bowl: Kokokokokoizumi-san (Part 1) released Jul 23 '16
Chapter 7: Seventh Bowl: Kokokokokoizumi-san (Part 2) released Aug 8 '16
Chapter 8: The Taste Focused Counter released Sep 17 '16
Chapter 9: Instant Ramen released Jan 15 '17