Pink Ribbon by MONDAY RECOVER — Ongoing


Lumiao is a senior high school student who loves to dress up in frilly dresses and bows. One day she passes another student, the petite Yuxuan, on campus, and becomes convinced she has the perfect frame for the same style. But Yuxuan, a shy and short-haired sports-lover, resists her new friend’s attempts to both persuade and trick her into a new look.

But as time goes on, Lumiao realizes her feelings for Yuxuan go beyond friendship and she becomes obsessed with everything Yuxuan does and thinks. What is Lumiao to do when she learns Yuxuan has a crush on a boy in her class? She wants Yuxuan to be happy, but she doesn’t want to lose her. What will happen if she tells Yuxuan how she feels?

Chapter 1: Yuxuan released Nov 24 '21