Neko Neko by Taira Tsukune The Idolmaster Doujin — Completed


The first part (Rank M) will not be uploaded, as it is solely a 6-page masturbation scene involving het.
The third part has het and rape and will not be uploaded.
The series is marked as "Complete", as there have been no new releases scheduled or announced since the release of the fifth chapter.

Chapter 2: NekoNeko Rank F released Sep 3 '11 Anilingus Toys Watersports Yuri
Chapter 4: Neko Neko Rank D released Jul 13 '13 Drama Makoto x Yukiho Rape Toys Yuri
Chapter 5: NekoNeko Rank C released Jan 15 '11 Anal BDSM Makoto x Yukiho Miki x Yukiho Rape Shaving Threesome Toys Watersports Yuri