My Dearest Nemesis by Xian Jun — Ongoing


The whole company knew that they were polar opposites who fought like cats and dogs. Yet during the year-end party, the wall between them shattered after they got drunk! And so, the two of them went from being close, to going off on each other, and finally to feeling very strange things following an accidental mishap...

Chapter 1: Director Shen and Director Jiang released Mar 5 '23 Drunk
Chapter 2: Why is she so angry? released Mar 12 '23
Chapter 3: An Interesting Woman released Mar 23 '23
Chapter 4: It's Not As If She Said... released Mar 31 '23
Chapter 5: Aren't you going to kiss me this time? released Apr 10 '23
Chapter 6: Could this possibly mean...? released Apr 20 '23
Chapter 7: Mhm. released May 8 '23
Chapter 8: Absolute Weirdo released Jun 15 '23
Chapter 9: High and Mighty released Jul 19 '23
Chapter 10: I want to get to know her better. released Aug 13 '23
Chapter 11: The Nemesis Who Just Won't Leave released Sep 15 '23