Murasaki by Kibidango — Ongoing


Ichijou Murasaki is a girl with dreams of entering the world of interpretative dance - but she knows she hasn’t got the charisma, the fitness, or the commitment to do it. Watching on the sidelines, she eyes her classmate, the naturally brilliant Sumire Sora with envy… until a chance encounter with dancing prodigy (and absolute complete weirdo) Shounosuke makes her finally get the resolve needed to dance out her dreams! Fuelled by grudges, anger, and pure energy, Murasaki will dance!!

Or: JoJo meets Ballroom e Yokoso with ridiculously gorgeous art. thats my elevator pitch. - Sexy Akiba Detectives

Volume 1
Chapter 1 released Jul 1 '18 Chubby
Chapter 2: Crossing the Greyline released Nov 13 '21 Chubby
Chapter 3: First, Let Me See You Dance released Nov 15 '21
Chapter 4: You’re Full to the Brim With Energy released Dec 6 '21
Chapter 5: This Guy Is a Monster released Dec 23 '21
Volume 2
Chapter 6: Everything Starts to Connect released Feb 6 '22
Chapter 7: Some Kinds of Criteria released Mar 5 '22 Bullying Chubby
Chapter 8: I'm a Dancer released Mar 11 '22 Philosophical
Chapter 9: Are We Alike? released Apr 11 '22
Chapter 10: Something Is Hurting released May 26 '22
Chapter 11: The Body Within, My Existence released Jul 10 '22