Mugen no Minamo ni by Yu-Ki Takasaki — Completed


There is a rumor going around about a person called the "Contract Killer." If you want someone killed, the Contract Killer will kill that person for free - if you know how to contact the Contract Killer.

Nashi is a girl that's immortal. She wants to die but is unable to. The only thing she loves in this world is a girl named Minamo, who she lives with. Minamo may look like a girl in her late teens, but she's really only 9 years old. Not only that, Minamo has a limited life span, and Nashi doesn't want to lose her. So in order to extend Minamo's life, she secretly kills people that someone else wants dead, for free. As a reward, she recieves "time" from the Time Merchant, which she then gives to Minamo to extend her life.

Volume 1
Chapter 1 released Mar 29 '12
Chapter 2 released Apr 13 '12
Chapter 3 released Apr 15 '13
Chapter 4 released Nov 26 '13
Vol. 1 Intermission: Minamo and the Cuddling Day released Nov 27 '13
Volume 2
Vol. 2 Intermission released Nov 28 '13
Chapter 5 released Nov 29 '13
Chapter 6 released Mar 8 '14
Chapter 7 released Oct 17 '14
Chapter 8 released Nov 15 '14