Mimi Mix! by Hirose Madoka — Completed


This is a story that takes place in a future not so far from now, in a world where animal ears have become a huge part of fashion.
Brand new high school student, Midori Nonono finally convinced her parents to let her wear the animal ears she always dreamed of having.
However, as soon as she puts on her bunny ears, the libido of a rabbit overtakes her and her sexual desire goes crazy!
This is the start of Nonono's messy animal ears life.

Chapter 1: Time to start wearing animal ears! released Oct 4 '19
Chapter 2: Bunny X *** = Friends! released Oct 5 '19
Chapter 3: A good example of a healthy body from eating and sleeping well released Oct 7 '19 Bath
Chapter 3.5: One night story released Oct 7 '19
Chapter 4: I wanted to see your smiling face released Oct 10 '19
Chapter 5: I've chosen to do my best while thinking of you released Oct 14 '19
Chapter 6: The secret of the animal ears shop released Oct 15 '19
Chapter 7: Abnormal Activity released Oct 15 '19 BDSM
Chapter 8: Something that you must understand released Oct 19 '19
Chapter 9: The whole world will call her Mommy released Oct 21 '19 Lactation
Chapter 10: A dirty deed done dirt cheap released Oct 22 '19 Beach Swimsuits
Chapter 10.5: It's the beach! Mimi mix! released Oct 22 '19 Dark skin
Chapter 11: I love you and your ears released Oct 25 '19
Chapter 12: How to properly connect with this bunny released Oct 28 '19
Chapter 13: Rose (smelling) hips released Nov 1 '19 Butts Smell
Chapter 14: Your terrible belly meat released Nov 10 '19
Chapter 15: My heart, your feelings released Nov 11 '19 Incest Twins
Chapter 16: This tail is full of love released Nov 15 '19
Chapter 17: Mimi Mix! released Nov 17 '19
Chapter 17.5: Epilogue released Nov 17 '19