Middle Aged Love Patch by Ni Fafa and Ning Yuan — Ongoing

Also known as Zhongnian Lianai Buding


The year is 2035 and Xu Youyan, currently suffering from a mid-life crisis, finally decides to lay down her pride and experience what it's like to be in loveā€”in the name of creating a dating game. However, Shi Yue unexpectedly comes in her way of plans! Being on the receiving end of her devotion both in real life and the virtual world may prove to be too much for Youyan to handle...

Chapter 1: It's been a while released Jul 31 '22
Chapter 2: Thinking unholy thoughts released Jul 31 '22
Chapter 3: Unforeseen Circumstances released Jul 31 '22
Chapter 4: Collapse released Jul 31 '22