Love Bullet by inee


Since the dawn of humanity, those who have never experienced love and meet an untimely end are granted a second chance at life as Cupids by the Goddess of Love. Present day Cupids have traded in their bow and arrow for modern firearms, but their mission remains the same: find suitable lovers for their targets and make them fall in love!

Volume 1
Chapter 0: A Cupid's Solution to a Love Triangle released Nov 30 '23 Love triangle Product placement
Chapter 1: To Fall in Love with Love... released Dec 5 '23
Chapter 2: Modern-Day Cupids (Part One) released Jan 18 '24
Chapter 3: Modern-Day Cupids (Part Two) released Jan 18 '24
Chapter 4: Cupid vs. Cupid (Part One) released Feb 27 '24
Chapter 5: Cupid vs. Cupid (Part Two) released Apr 13 '24
Chapter 6: "See You Later" released Jun 9 '24