I'm the Only One Not Crossdressing!? by D@I — Ongoing


Naoki Tozawa is adamant in his aim to grow into a man among men, so he decided to go to an all-boys high school with a long history of providing strong and tenacious men for society. However, he is shocked and dismayed when he discovers that after a year of attending the school, many of the students have started coming to school dressed as girls. Rumor has it that the cause of this is a member of the photography club, leading Naoki to confront Ueda, a boy in the club who makes a very convincing girl.

Chapter 1 released Aug 20 '20
Chapter 2 released Sep 18 '20
Chapter 3 released Oct 21 '20
Chapter 4 released Nov 20 '20
Chapter 5 released Dec 22 '20
Chapter 6 released Jan 19 '21
Chapter 7 released Feb 19 '21