I Can't Tell Anyone by Shigisawa Kaya — Completed


A woman struggles with her attraction to her adult cousin,
haunted by the games they played a a child.
Her sister finds love where she least expects it,
and views her surroundings through different eyes.
Two women find their secret lesbian relationship threatened by the world around them.

From the mangaka that brought you Femme Fatale, a collection of intertwining short stories!

Chapter 1: I can't tell anyone released Jan 27 '12 Cheating
Chapter 2: I won't tell anyone released Jan 27 '12
Chapter 3: Everything is under one sky released Mar 18 '12
Chapter 4: I Still Can't Tell released Apr 1 '12
Chapter 5: I Want to Tell Someone released Apr 1 '12
Chapter 6: Surprise Call released Apr 1 '12
Chapter 7: Ending released May 19 '12 Aaaaaangst Yuri