Hyper Girls Battle Orgia by Ejima Eri — Ongoing


Every 20 years, a secretive game is held, in which participants duke it out in a battle royale with sorcery, weaponry and hand to hand combat.

Over a hundred different Japanese sorcery associations participate, sending a single Master each to compete. Night by night these participants fight, and take the lives of one another.

One participant is Maiko Mizumaki. She enters the tournament in order to save the life of her dear friend, Hino, who has been afflicted by an Anomaly. In order to save the life of her friend she must survive until the end and obtain the strongest Anomaly Sandalphon.

Chapter 1: Waiting released Apr 12 '16
Chapter 2: Good Morning! released Apr 29 '16
Chapter 3: After All, Being by Yourself Is... released Jun 9 '16 NSFW
Chapter 4: The Snow Queen released Jul 30 '16