Gyakusou Shoujo by Kubota Hiroyasu, Otsuka Eiji, and Tomozo Kaoru — Completed

Also known as Reversed Girl


Toko is a shy, awkward girl who hates her summer holidays. They just don't seem to end, and she's right. She is stuck on August 31st. Every day's the same as any other August 31st, except when a new character comes and changes how her whole day goes, and what she learns later on is not what she wanted to know...

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Endless Summer Holidays released Mar 27 '09
Chapter 2: Forced Geometry released Mar 27 '09
Chapter 3: The Starting Triangle released Apr 8 '09
Chapter 4: Parallel Worlds Are Born released Apr 25 '09
Chapter 5: Fractals and Back-steps released Aug 2 '09
Volume 2
Chapter 6: Featureless Cabbage released Nov 21 '09
Chapter 7: Dead Café au Lait released Jul 4 '10
Chapter 8: Pool at Daybreak released Sep 18 '10
Chapter 9: Vanished Classmate released Jan 22 '11
Chapter 10: Forwards or Backwards... released Sep 21 '11