Green Plum Blossom Tea by Juwei Wenhua — Ongoing


Good girl Gugu meets cheerful girl Xingxing. Xingxing is everything Gugu wants to be - she has friends, youthfulness, dreams, and happiness. The meticulous Gugu sets out a long-term plan to reach out to Xingxing, but it seems that she doesn't have to go to all that trouble... Is Xingxing also reaching out to her?

Chapter 1: The First Time I Got to be Close to Her released Oct 7 '21
Chapter 2: A Strange Person released Oct 8 '21
Chapter 3: An Unrefusable Request released Oct 8 '21
Chapter 4: A Promise Under the Stars released Oct 9 '21
Chapter 5: Just a Normal Friend released Oct 11 '21
Chapter 6: A Presumptuous Request released Oct 11 '21
Chapter 7: You Are My Hope released Oct 12 '21
Chapter 8: Auntie, Please Let Me Explain released Oct 14 '21
Chapter 9: Auntie, Give Her a Chance released Oct 17 '21