Gamma by Ogino Jun — Completed


"It's an age where aliens, monsters and other dangers threaten the Earth, and various heroes have risen to protect it. Supporting these heroes are the human defense forces, of which the sisters Kitajishi Miyuki and Yuri are a part. Specifically, their office is for hero consultation, and they help heroes solve their problems, but they also help evacuation procedures during emergencies. Yuri was formerly an immensely powerful and popular magic girl, but now she helps protect people in a more human way. In their first case, they consult with a hero who has lost his powers, and is trying to find a way to live as an ordinary human." -tethysdust

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Presidentman, the Hero Who Lost His Powers released Jul 9 '14
Chapter 2: Blue Train, the Naive Hero released Sep 5 '14
Chapter 3: Light Bright, the Hero Who Stopped Fighting released Nov 19 '14
Chapter 4: Synth Silver, the Sixth Hero released Nov 19 '14 Mecha
Gamma Rising released Nov 19 '15
Volume 2
Chapter 5: Discharge, the Weakest Hero: Part 1 released Jan 11 '15
Chapter 6: Discharge, the Weakest Hero: Part 2 released Feb 3 '15 Tragedy
Chapter 7: Mighty Blow, the Hero From Another World released Apr 19 '15
Chapter 8: Mr. Lostman, the First Hero released Apr 27 '15
Volume 3
Chapter 9: Cannonball, the Once-A-Day Hero released Jun 11 '15
Chapter 10: Hornetman, the Hero of This Town: Part 1 released Jun 14 '15
Chapter 11: Hornetman, the Hero of This Town: Part 2 released Jun 28 '15
Chapter 12: Hornetman, the Hero of This Town: Part 3 released Jun 30 '15
Volume 4
Chapter 13: Puella Magi Mika, the Strongest Hero released Jul 30 '15 Mahou shoujo
Chapter 14: Flame Bane, the Tormented Hero released Aug 2 '15
Chapter 15: Night Diver, the Scientist Hero released Aug 13 '15
Chapter 16: Arturoman, the Giant Hero released Aug 15 '15
Volume 5
Chapter 17: Dr. Woe, the War Supervillain released Aug 19 '15 NSFW
Chapter 18: The Steel, the Metal Supervillain released Aug 19 '15
Chapter 19: Mr. Cell, the Cell-Manipulating Supervillain released Aug 20 '15
Chapter 20: Rider Mask Stag, the Rookie Hero released Aug 20 '15
Delta released Feb 6 '21 Adult life Glasses Hikari x Miyuki Lots of sex NSFW