Even the Introverted Gals Wanna Get Out There! by Kashiwagi Tsukiko — Ongoing

Also known as Inkya Gal demo Ikigaritai! and Inkya Gals


Ichiko and Kuran are members of the subculture research club. They like various subcultures and they like cute stuff. Read along as these two asocial gyaru spend their days in their new kind of "youthful moratorium."

Chapter 1: Movie Nerds Are a Pain in the Ass released Nov 22 '22
Chapter 2: A Picture Taken By Your Beloved is the Most Beautiful in the World! released Jan 21 '23
Chapter 3: Even a Nerd Bitch Has Pride released Apr 30 '23
Chapter 4: 'Wub you?' Just Say Love You. released Sep 15 '23
Chapter 5: Lame Selfies and Sneakerheads released Sep 20 '23 Product placement
Chapter 6: If You See This Chapter, Please Don't Just Skip it! released Dec 21 '23