Childhood Sweetheart Liaoliao by Ju Ji She — Ongoing


Exhausted mentally and physically, Song Liaoliao is ready to leave it all behind. She couldn't have anticipated that the new director is her old sweet- no, her old classmate. It should simply be a reunion of old friends, but Song Liaoliao unexpectedly finds herself gradually falling into Pei Yu's love trap...

Chapter 1: I’ve Wanted to See Her Again Countless Times released Oct 8 '22
Chapter 2: Her Warmth released Oct 8 '22
Chapter 3: That Tickles, Ah-yu! released Oct 8 '22
Chapter 4: But, I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You released Oct 10 '22
Chapter 5: A Pretty Transfer Student released Oct 20 '22
Chapter 6: Why Should Gender Matter? released Nov 20 '22
Chapter 7: I Miss You So Much released Nov 20 '22