Assault Lily Wunder by Akizuki Taiga and BLITARO — Completed


Lilies stand as champions against the gargantuan monsters known as the Huge. They are humankind's symbols of hope, and young girls dream of someday joining their ranks. And it's one historic battle, in which many a Lily forged her legend, that always comes first.

The Odaiba Counteroffensive.

Just how did that group of first-year Lilies, hastily self-organized into five divisions, repel the enemy? How did they confront "The Nestless Ultra" and slay it? How did this Wunder, in which not a single Lily nor a single civilian perished, come to be?

It is time to witness this unforgettable battle—in which love bloomed, in which miracles happened—from a certain girl's point of view...

Chapter 1: The Miracle Begins released Mar 25 '23
Chapter 2: "We Messed Up..." released Jul 1 '23 Violence
Chapter 3: Choices and Consequences released Oct 15 '23
Chapter 4: A Duel to the Death released Nov 20 '23
Chapter 5: What Remains of the Miracle released Dec 25 '23
Chapter 1 Extras released Mar 25 '23
Chapter 2 Extras released Jul 1 '23
Chapter 3 Extras released Oct 15 '23
Chapter 4 Extras released Nov 20 '23
Chapter 5 Extras released Dec 25 '23