Arknights: Rhodes Kitchen -TIDBITS- by BAKANOKO and Hypergryph Arknights Doujin — Ongoing

Also known as アークナイツ ロドスキッチン -TIDBITS-


These are the records of Rhodes Island’s operators and their daily meals. May the smoke from the kitchen warm our hearts, and steer us true on the road ahead.
The past is as smoke, as long as you’re alright now.

Chapter 1: Menu 1 - Roast Stiltleg Fowlbeast Kebabs and Rhodes Island’s Leader released May 20 '22
Chapter 2: Menu 2 - Breakfast Pancake Wraps and Kjerag’s No. 1 Chef released Jun 20 '22
Chapter 3: Menu 3 - The Sights of Past and Present, and the Unfettered Poet released Jul 30 '22