Arknights Official Comic Anthology

Official comic anthologies depicting the life and times of the Rhodes Island inhabitants.

Volume 1
Chapter 7: A Karlan Teatime by Shino (ONMO37) released Aug 9 '20 4-koma Comedy
Chapter 9: At Summer's End by Sakeno Rarukan released Dec 15 '20 4-koma Comedy
Chapter 13: A Life Less Lived by Chabatake released Feb 21 '21 4-koma Comedy
Chapter 14: Family Vacation by Remu released Jun 28 '20 Beach Drama Saria x Silence
Volume 2
Chapter 2: For Whose Sake Do I Fight by Ku-ba released Apr 25 '21 Action Amiya x Blaze
Chapter 4: Case Settlement No. REDACTED by Ana Kashico released Feb 11 '21 Violence
Chapter 7: Fall Knights by Lefthand released Mar 15 '21 Comedy What the fuck am I reading?
Chapter 10: Strange Workplace by Takahara Yu released Mar 15 '21 Comedy